RiP Bow and Light Armor

You really went all the way to make Bow and Light armor bad… Congrats… you succeeded.

Bow was finally feeling good (played bow since alpha, beta, preview).
Finally had a decent hit box… Why this huge nerf?
Less than HALF hit box now?
One hit and your stamina dry?
If you wanted 90% of server playing Great Sword… job well done.


No more room for outplaying people. Escapes been gutted.


They haven’t nerfed the bow, they just fixed an exploit that bow users have been using since launch which made them almost unable to miss the target they were firing at because it doubled the hit box. Now bow users actually have to aim and hit the target to do damage.

My suggestion would be to improve your aim so you can hit your target.


There is always this guy… “you should just get better”. Problably another hammer user.
Clearly you never played bow… and you don´t know what you talking about.
“exploit”… lol.
But don´t worry kid… you will still die to bow users.


Considering I play bow and I can read the patch notes. I’ve known about the exploit with the arrow range skill tree perk and yet I have never used it because I knew that one day it would be fixed.

The only people complaining about AGS fixing the exploit is those who are worried that they won’t be able to hit a target anymore because the arrows won’t feel like they have auto-tracking arrows lol.

Sure continue crying about AGS fixing the exploit instead of learning how to use the bow, that will fix everything! :slight_smile:


Guys, if you didn’t know. This game is for melee players only. Move along.


As funny as it is, ive started using the great axe as my 2ndary to bow to allow me to hit / run now since rapiers been guted. The charge saves me more often now so I can keep distance. The bloodlust helps with movement a bit also in limited instances. Gravwell can keep a melee off you if timed correctly also.
Have to be super careful on placement playing bow now in light. If anyone melee touches you, your dead.

It literally says it in the patch notes. There was a bug doubling the hit box of the bow. And it’s been fixed.

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First of all, it’s not an exploit it was a bug. Second, it hasn’t been around since launch lol.

Everyone is being so dramatic about this when arrow sizes are the same size as firestaff heavies. Which I agree is too big imo for light attacks but it really isn’t that crazy.

Bow is the only weapon in the game that has to worry about projectile gravity and inaccurate crosshairs. I think projectile size for light attacks is good at 0.15. For heavies and all abilities, 0.33 is fair.


Exactly. At launch arrows were like 0.05. They felt alot like explosive arrow does now. And anyone running that perk, probably didn’t even realize it was doubling the hit box. Because it didn’t start doing that until they increased the arrow size. So most folks probably just thought “ah the bow feels good now”.


I thought the same thing until it was pointed out. I thought they just made bow not feel terrible to play. It’s fine though, I’m doing good playing without the passive on live. I don’t mind the skill cap being raised so I can stop hearing people cry about bow (hopefully)


If they die to a bow they will cry no matter what.


So…are the bows light/heavy attacks any smaller on the the PTR? The patch notes are not clear to me.

The arrow speed isnt faster despite going heavy or light. Hitbox suck and everyone gonna go musket and then you guys are going to whine about musket. People are already whinning about musket.

I will ask you to play bow for 100hours and tell us your feeling afterward before ptr nerf get on live.

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Dude please. I played bow before, and I tried it in last months, and difference in hit boxes was huge. You literally couldn’t miss the arrow. So yea, now we will finally see who’s the skilled archer, and whos’ just exploiting broken things. I guess you are the second guy.

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This. Like what the actual f.
I remember on release our bow players were training hitting, now you could just equip bow and rack in 10kills like it’s nothing. It was completely absurd
But even early days bows were absurdly strong. I mean we put bow players into invasions due to the insane damage output, but yea you had to hit at least

Do you know what the word “literally” means? Stop being dramatic. It’s the same hitbox as fire staff. There’s still plenty of people who miss shots.

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Hitbox is insane lol. Legit like chucking logs at players. It’s a fire and forget kinda weapon.

It’s why bow became so popular all of a sudden.

But the weapon hitbox is bugged, after the datamine they discovered that has one perk that increases the bow hitbox.

Are you sure? Thei just say of it was buged nuw we will fix it ,D bull shit