R.I.P Fire Staff

I will remember you…


Press F to pay respect for this hero!

What a cruelty they’ve done with mage/fire staff players. We can’t tank a single hit of a 60+ mob without healing, and now we stack less damage to it. Only fire ball and pilar of fire are target effective skills, but they have such a painfull cooldown that requires an juggler aiming and dodging skill.

Despite that, this was a great patch, with great adds to gameplay.


As a fire mage, I do not endorse this post. FS is still a great weapon. PoF is one of the greatest attacks in the game and it got a big buff. I get most of my kills from a well-placed PoF, especially against those nerdy shield-wearing hooligans. The other spells do an appropriate amount of damage.

Cute picture though, OP. Wish I could thumbs up that part.


edit: @xejo
tell me where you see the buff, since they remove the double hit, you do less damage and cd are longer.

dare to tell me meteor shower and flametrower does good damages, seriously.

I cant believe you are playing the fire staff

RIP fire staff


Yeah, agreed. It still a great weapon, but if giving damage is the purpose of fire mage, you need to be honest that decreasing the base damage of crit and the light and heavy attack, decreases the effectivenes of the weapon too. If the reason to do so, was to focus on the use of abilities, they should encourage the use of it, like decreasing cooldown, or given tools to do it, not just caping down other numbers.

Thanks for engage dude s2

F :disappointed:

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Just use void gauntlet

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The double-hit was OP, and not reliable unless you fight folks standing still (to ensure they’re on the edge).

  • Pillar of Fire
    • Increased damage scaling from 134% to 170%.
    • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fire targets the caster when activated using the ability key.
    • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fire failed to trigger Runes of Helios when activated using the ability key.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Pillar Of Fire to hit twice against targets near the edge of the effect radius.

You know how many times I’ve wasted a PoF because of those bugs? Or missed out on a RoH?
Now I hit more often, and when I do hit, it’s a predicable amount of BUFFED damage. Sure, the times when I double-hit it was more damage than I do now. But overall, I disagree with your assessment.

And if you want Meteor Shower fireballs to hit hard, you’re missing the point of a massively-sized AoE. Only use this with 4+ targets, sometimes 3 depending on CDs. My damage output in these cases are far greater than if I was single-targeting something.

Edit: I can’t speak to flamethrower, I don’t have much experience in that tree.

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If you are in a 1v1 situation, PoF might be the best solution, but that not always the scenario. And even in a 1v1 situation there is a lack of control if you are dealing with a melee atack silver or golden mob . Exemple, enemy turn its back on you, perfect spot to use PoF and FB simutaneously and trigger RoH, after cast the abilitie, he’s not dead, you enter in a 20s+ cooldown and the enemy runs towards you. At this point light and heavy attacks, combined with dodging its the only thing you can use. If your stamina runs, out your litteraly f**, a single hit and half of your life is gone. Don’t take me that bad, I still have fun with Fire Staff, I just don’t get why they want to encourage using abilities but costing other benefits.

I don’t need to mention situations scalling to a 1x2 plus enemys…

You know how many times I’ve wasted a PoF because of those bugs?

i know , since the fire staff is my main weapon.
On 1.0.5 previous maj, the pillar was consistent.
The double hit on the pillar wasnt that op when you see the damage number you can deal with a bow or a melee weapon, that was just a decent amount of damages compared to others weapons.

Lets be honest, pratically no one use meteor shower, even if the aera is wide, the damages are ridiculous

You’re right. I’ve had very few, if any, 1v1 fights with a FS that I felt competitive. If they ever added 1v1 arenas, I imagine FS would be one of the worst weapons.

I personally don’t think NW is a great game to critique 1v1 situations though as most PvP is in groups. If I find myself in a 1v1 vs. a GA or Hammer, I usually end up running away. They don’t kill me, but I don’t kill them. I waste too much food/pots staying alive, and it’s not worth my time.

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Amen! Judging by the patch notes, Amazon employees are playing in heavy armor with axes…

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Fire Staff sucks. Have to stand still to cast most abilities. Weak dps. Worst projectile attack. Fireball bugged barely works.

AGS hates fire mages.

But when the entire community asked them to nerf the great axe lunge… The buffed the great axe.

You know what weapon they want you to use.


Which abilities do you have to stand still for?
How is fireball bugged?

Meteor shower, incinerate, burn out all require you to stand still. Burn out is the worst as it’s supposed to be a mobility ability. Flamethrower makes you walk super slow.

It just doesn’t exist sometimes. I’ve seen people take a hit with no dmg, then other players walk over the burning circle and not take damage. Like the server thinks it’s not there.

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Upvote for the picture alone lol.

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If you have a fs and ig and lose to ga/hammer in a 1v1 you are just bad, if you have fs and you lose to any other ranged weapon in a 1v1 you are also just worse than them. This is coming from someone who doesn’t even play much ga/hammer, so im not just crying about how underpowered it is because its my main and i dont want too see it nerfed or because i died to a good player, but also i have a good amount of experience on it vs other really good pvpers.

I use FS/Rapier. Never said I was good.

I play what’s fun, not what’s meta.

If you re-read what you wrote you said “You’re right. I’ve had very few, if any, 1v1 fights with a FS that I felt competitive. If they ever added 1v1 arenas, I imagine FS would be one of the worst weapons.” Saying a weapon would be one of the worst when its still the best ranged weapon is why i said that and you also implied you cant kill a Ga/Hammer so you run away.

Think we’re a little too much into the weeds now… but, I said GA “or” Hammer, not GA/Hammer.

Additionally, I wasn’t comparing ranged to ranged, I was comparing FS to all weapons, and I believe (just my opinion) that it would be “one of” the worst weapons in a 1v1 arena.

This is all highly subjective as we get two weapons and arenas don’t exist. Nor do we have a way of actually ranking weapons. It’s all based on opinion and player skill.

Not sure why you’re beating me up so much. We both think FS is a great weapon.

Fair enough then, this is just a thread called R.I.P fire staff and i saw you saying its one of the worst weapons in a 1v1 and i disagree with that and thought you were also just crying about the fact that FS isnt op anymore and cant carry bad skill anymore like everyone else i see. If not then fair enough sorry mate.

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