RIP For tanks (pve)

idk if it is bug but in dynasty last boss when she do the m 9 attack (slash attack that boss do)
before the update was taken 60 stamina now after the patch 1 hit take 110 stam with 30% health is that ok ?
really dev i have the best gear can get for the tank and best skill tree for more tanking and 1 hit broke shield
not just the boss
Mini boss 1 hit take 40 stamina 3 hit = shield broken
ohhh yeah i didn’t forget healing for tanking is trashhhhh in pve f this game


well tanks are also RIP in PVP so, as I said already, AGS is removing tanks from the game, just play something else like most of us were forced to do. you can tank better in a light armor anyway, just dodge roll damage and use shirking fortification.

The 10% loss of Armor at 200 CON drop my armor from 2.9K to 2.6K which results in more damage taken. Even with 19K HP the healing could not keep up even cycling potions and discs on the final mob in Tempest. Between the shield break, stun/stagger, snare, there was no way to avoid the damage. AGS is slowly killing off the heavy tank. They want everybody to fight in dresses.

are you using full ward gears?
I was fine running it as 200 cons tank in dynasty though

yes full ward with full gem and 308 con not just 200
I’m talking about M10 dynasty

what gem is it? Me too

nature buc our dynatsy is nature now

They’re removing healers too. It’s okay, we’ll get our souls-like game with zero nuance soon enough.

yooo you know our healer suffer when he heal me from 2k to 16k
before the update he was healing me from 2k to 16k with just 1 ability
now trash xD

Well Bosses doesn’t have specific damage as mutation. They stick to physical and their own elemental, Taiying’s standard attacks are fully physical
Dragon circle is fire
Dragon breath and the sphere/ball throwing is void

i will post here small video when i enter dynasty M10 again !

The new Shattering Mutator causes enemies to deal more stamina damage with their attacks. No one can eat the strong attacks when a mob has the buff, especially if it’s Commander Chen.

Tanking isn’t broken, you have to work around the mutator. I tank no problem in light at 50 con, with a round shield. Like everyone else, I have to dodge or avoid the shattering abilities.

I think the key is to improve heavy armour, i.e. if I already get 30% less healing as a tank, at least make my armour impenetrable, so that a tank does no damage, gets little healing but costs more to kill.

Of course with the shield up I should be able to take more.

Nothing wrong with tanks this update… I tank in light with a round shield.

You can be a Paladin Tank or a Bruiser Tank or any other sub-type, they’re all quite viable.

Heavy armor doesn’t need to be improved. This update, making heals less effective in heavy was the best choice they could have ever made. Heavy finally has a trade-off.

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