RIP Mage Blackguard Weapons (April Update)

So first and foremost, the Blackguard Bow and Blunderbuss will recieve Plagued Crits instead of Plagued Heavy Strikes and the Ice Gauntlet, Void Gauntlet and Fire Staff all will have the Plagued Heavy Strikes (except for one) removed and, uh, well Refreshing Evasion replacing it. Is this a joke? First issue is the Void Gauntlet has Plagued Crits, not Plagued Strikes. (I also tested this, and yes, its not an incorrect perk listed or wrong perk name, it actually is Plagued Crits) Second, its been several week with MANY players investing time to roll equipment beforehand and running Tempest Heart to get the weapon, not to mention the time spent to gather Umbral Shards that are now going to waste because apparently, well we dont know why the Void Gauntlet is being changed. I stated this in the comments of the original post that even started this that the Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff I understand even though I dont want it to change. Plagued Strikes cant be rolled on these weapons, so I understand that these shouldnt be on them. What infuriates me is that the Void Gauntlet, perfectly rollable with every perk on it by going to the Arcana station and rolling one yourself, is being changed. Why? Is there some insane data youre seeing with it? Why are we having a weapon that can be rolled with the perks it has being changed. Nearly 20k Umbral Shards wasted, gone. I have not seen 1 person who LIKES this change. Several people also agreed on the terms of Plagued Strikes being taken off as for the reason previously stated, but its honestly a shame that now we, the players using these weapons, are punished by something that we couldnt even control, and better yet, 0 community comments were taken in for consideration with this change as this change is obviously still going through with the dead Refreshing Evasion perk taking the Plagued Crits and Plagued Strikes slot. Please AGS take the time to reconsider this change and change the “Strikes” to “Crits” or another weapon perk that can make the weapon useable like “Refreshing Move”.
Thanks for reading my ted talk :slight_smile:

  • Several Blackguard’s Weapons rolled with a “Plagued Heavy Strikes” perk. This has been changed to “Plagued Crits” on the Blackguard’s Bow and Blunderbuss, and “Refreshing Evasion” on the Blackguard’s Fire Staff, Void Gauntlet, and Ice Gauntlet.

This was absolutely discouraging viewing the update and even the “official” April 25th patch notes to include “Refreshing Evasion” is STILL going to be changed to for the Blackguard’s Firestaff and Ice Gauntlet. Blackguard’s Void Gauntlet already HAS Plagues Crits. WHY are you even changing that still to Refreshing Evasion??? After COUNTLESS days/weeks of players suggestions and even players investing in Umbral Shards hoping the change would at least to be “Plagued Crits” to the FS/IG the Game Team at AGS didn’t budge to reconsider changing to any of the more suggested perks the community wanted.

“We see you!!”, “We hear you!!”, “Great suggestions, I will forward all of your ideas to the development team!” All of this…falls of deaf ears from here on out. You do not see us, you clearly did NOT hear us and I’m most certain the CM’s did not forward our suggestions to the Game Team. If they did, we would of had some kind of communication as to why other suggestions were not considered via a “developers note” for the reason. Again, this was another missed opportunity to communicate to the player base why these changes were made.

Extremely poor communication on this subject matter which was a highly discussed topic. :-1: :-1:


they just ignored all feedback…


Yea they clearly have something against mages, but allow melee users have everything nice. No consideration at all.


Such a drastic change to not even have the weapon perks that are being change correct (plagued crits on vg)…

No communication regarding to the player-base that provided numerous points of feedback.

The VG, caught up in the mix because whoever made this decision didn’t even bother or care to look, is now a 1/3 top tier weapon perk and now the very worst of the Blackguard weapons. Well played guys…


just sad to play mage in this game, we get all the hate because IG is op in wars,
pve mages player can’t have anything close jewelery and weapons from expedition like strenght users


@Luxendra why total silence about it? we had a massive feedback saying that this change was awful.

we dont deserve a return?


The Void Gauntlet being changed annoys me beyond belief.


@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox this is not ok… people put a lot of time and effort into grinding for these weapons and invest thousands of shards to upgrade. You should NOT be changing these perks


Couldn’t even give us refreshing … refreshing evasion is very undesirable


@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox I really hope you at least give us a response on why this was even chosen in the first place. Talk and communicate with us more. We deserve at least, don’t we? Why are the devs going with this change after all the feedback and poor reception for this change?


Time to salvage my 625 Blackguard’s IG and FS LOL.
Thx AGS for slapping Refreshing/Refreshing Evasion on more weapons and ruining them :slight_smile:


What a joke. Whatever team analyzes whatever bullshit metrics said that those perks would be OP are clearly not playing the same game we are. I’ve been very positive in my 2500+ hours of game time, but between this and the rabbits, I’ve never been more frustrated. All the comments for weeks have been spot on about keeping these as is or even changing to crits vs strikes. Yet clearly feedback was either not passed to devs, not properly communicated regarding the volume and quantity of the negative feedback, or the devs simply ignore it and did whatever they wanted anyway. Those few of us left playing this game deserve better.


After a month ppl trying to leave feedbacks everywhere, I’ll just say this…

  • Duck you AGS for ruining these weapons.
  • Duck you AGS for ignoring the ppl on every possible way whenever this topic came up
  • Duck you AGS for the lost time getting these weapons
  • Duck you AGS for the wasted ~30k Umbrals Shards which you wont give back after the change

On the other side, a clear communication about this might help in the future, like… “We ducked up, sorry guys, we’ll give back your wasted umbrals, but listen these perks by default were so bad for whatever reason etc…” :slight_smile:


They won’t respond. It seems like they are very selective on the topics they respond to and topics like this, where there have clearly messed up, they will ignore.

I’ll love to be proven wrong though :smiley:


I already decided if they nerf the Blackguards VG because it has Plagued Strikes (which is a lie) I am never spending another dollar on this game and advocating for people to not play it. They are downright incompetent if this goes through.

They clearly want to nerf mage weapons on purpose. They clearly ignore all these threads are purpose. This is why their game is dying.


yep they hate us mages it is ridicoulus.


The patch is set in stone at this point. Its going through Monday morning.


it srsly is a fkn joke

weeks of talking about these changes, complaining
and yet they totally ignore us xD

At this point. I just don’t understand why AGS, just don’t take all the weapons out of the game. Except for their beloved Strength weapons. Because these other weapons with the exclusion of Musket. At this point, are nothing more than noob traps.