RIP Melee. All Hail Pew Pew World

Usually in games Melee gets a 30% damage reduction or other type of buff when compared to Ranged to compensate the fact you get hit much more often and have to stay at Melee range to land hits.

Not only theres 0 balance beetween Ranged/Melee in New World than now Great Axe and War Hammer get Nerfs to their ability to short distance to Ranged players.

Congratulations, 0 reasons to stay melee, welcome to Pew Pew World.

Well if they do that many people will change to range so 5% or less people would be play dps as mele , so basicly they gona kill mele. They should balance between range and mele , cuz musket have 30000m range to shot , archer same but abit shorter , and ig/fs/vg are basicly haven’t any cast time on skills(most of skill haven’t a cast time) so they will melt mele , even now most of range weapon melt mele…

Is paladin/overwatch or cs😁 wonder why they just listen to feedback from who can’t play as ig/fs or etc , they should balance weapons skills or reworkd some of skills , like fs/ig/vg should have a casting skill , not just running pew pew thier skills to enemy.

If they nerf badly mele, i would change to range also ,like many people did for ga , so maybe they nerf again that weapons when they see number of achivment , that is the reason?.. Pff🤔

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