Riposte Broken Subsequent April Update -- Please Fix ASAP

Riposte is completely broken after the recent update. It has an incredibly short activation time, the animation is often bugged if Riposte hits, the counter and stun is often delayed upon successful use, and finally, it doesn’t activate at all when countering certain attacks/abilities (see below video).

I don’t understand why dex items keep getting nerfed harder, and harder, and harder, and harder again. Please fix this soon.

Example of Riposte being used immediately before WH’s Shockwave:

If I have your attention, please note the following additional dex bugs, including, but not limited to:

  • Getting stuck in shooter stance zoom/camera angle if interrupted while in shooter stance.
  • Getting stuck inside shooter stance ability (can’t stand up; can’t switch weapons; etc.) if your character is currently engaged in shooter stance and an enemy player throws a gravity-well on your character.
  • Using multiple rapier abilities at once or in rapid succession triggers those multiple abilities and places them on cooldown without ever activating them (e.g., using Evade + Riposte simultaneously will activate Evade and place Riposte on cooldown).
  • Using rapier abilities at odd times incorrectly triggers the ability’s cooldown without activating it (e.g., spam clicking Riposte immediately preceding GA’s Maelstrom). Here, Riposte would simply be placed on cooldown without ever activating.
  • Using a cannon / war horn / etc. during war or any other relevant setting while a bow or musket is equipped forces your character to auto attack once upon exiting the cannon / war horn / etc.

Bumping your thread.


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Thank you for reporting the bug regarding riposte here on the forums. The development team is currently aware of this issue and are looking into it.

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Oh hey there.

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I have been playing exclusively bow/rapier since launch, this change feels terrible.

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