Rise of Captain Isabella (Expedition)

Is it possible to please reset this quest for me? I completed and open the
Soldier’s Tempestuous Armor Stash very early so it gave me gear below 590.
I want the set for PVE since it can be upgraded to 600+ gearscore. I was new and also did not know that the gear can be upgraded to legendary.

Please reset the quest so i can get the armor stash. Thanks

or give me the Soldier’s Tempestuous Armor Stash directly.
Not Gate-ing the quest to 590+ gs really screws new players.

Hello @jazer009 ,

Greetings to you and welcome to forums! :bouquet:

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I am afraid we do not have an option to reset the quest manually or add items. I request you to kindly contact the live support so that they can check about this with the relevant team through a ticket.

Thank you for your understanding.

Take care! :evergreen_tree:

I contacted live support but the answer is the same as yours. I also filed a ticker with no email response yet to me. Hopefully there will be.

Look I’m not asking for an unfair game advantage. I just want to receive rightfully something I work hard for on the game that I bought.

This quest and the chest reward is a poor game design that will punish players who completes and open the chest early. There is no note in the game or warning in the game that tells players that completing this quest/opening this chest below 590 expertise will result in you getting useless/subpar armor that can’t be upgraded.

My request is not telling you guys to give me something unfairly. It is to give me something that should have been mine nonetheless.

So someone help me with this? or can you help get someone else that can help? please?

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