RNGesus smiled on me, or is luck totally borked?

Was questing in Glimmerfin in Reekwater, hit the big chest there in the middle and got the loaded dice. Was unflagged, using Voidbent armor, luck on my ring and two of my bags, and one minor loot luck trophy active. Coincidently I had just swapped out a pearl from my earring before heading off into the wilds. This got me to thinking about exactly how luck works, and why some youtubers with low and high luck seem to be getting all the good drops, while those with medium luck seem to get screwed.

Anyways, I have a theory about “luck” and how it operates. First off, the “lucky” premium loot table is time-gated, meaning based on the time a chest is opened or enemy is killed determines whether or not the premium loot table is accessed. Those that are flagged don’t necessarily have more luck, they just have more time gated windows. Items in the loot table are awarded sort of like a spinning a roulette wheel, whichever spot the ball lands on gets the prize, except in this case there are there are some unknown amount of numbers.

Now suppose the premium loot items are all at a certain general location on the wheel. Logically this makes sense, as they would have to be for luck to work at all and not be totally random. Let’s assume the “good” items are close to the beginning. Someone with “low luck” spins the wheel and is likely to hit a drop that resides at the beginning of the wheel. Someone with “medium luck” on the other hand spins the wheel right past most or all of the premium loot contained in the table. Someone with “high luck” or “max luck” on the other hand, the wheel makes a complete circle of the loot table, passes go, and hits the premium loot. That would explain why many Youtubers are getting better drops with both low and high luck, while everyone in the middle is getting left out.

Pearls on the other hand may actually be giving lower luck if they in fact don’t stack with other gear luck perks, only other pearls. In this scenario, the software code may either be defaulting to one type or luck or the other. This would cause the wheel to not be spun hard enough to get to the premium drops. Likewise, it has been reported that major loot luck trophies are also giving bad luck. It might very well be that with said trophies active, this might push the luck wheel towards the middle where there is only crap drops.

Anyways, that is all my brain can come up with. I’m probably way off in my assumptions, but it would explain some things.

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