Road Map, Nothing about Outworld PvP

From the start of the game the PvP outworld is a mess… boring, bland, no risk, no reward and unattractive. On several occasions the devs have talked about improvements in the PvP outworld. We have recently seen the roadmap and there are no serious improvements in this aspect anywhere… and that worries me, because for me it is the basis of a game like this. Completely instantiating PvP is a mistake, I hope this doesn’t end up being World of Warcraft… and if this ends up being like this the devs have lied, because they said outworld PvP would be improved.

I will not mention the topic of wars because for me it needs such a big change, that I think it should be completely rethought and redesigned. What’s more, I give so little importance to wars and I see them as… unbalanced, not only at the level of attackers vs. defenders, but also at the class level… where the great hammer ax predominates followed by the ice glove and everything what is not so is out. In addition, the system itself for me has too many things wrong at all levels. So I put the wars aside. Outworld PvP should be very important, fun, risky and profitable at the same time.

Also in 2021 november they talk about outworld PvP ,and…no news

Nov 2021 they talk about PvP and they tell to us this. April and we are still waiting this Long term new outworld features. etc


Longer term expect a new open world activity that flagged players can participate in that we hope spurs and rewards some smaller scale engagements across Aeternum.


Im asking for last 4 month - JUST MAKE Shattered mountaind and Edengrove ONLY pvp mode ON zones!


Open world pvp objectives are badly needed, but we’ve got some great things coming in regard to pvp rewards (currency), ranked arena play, and my personal favorite: SERVER LEADERBOARDS!!

I have faith they’ll add these things eventually. The game’s future looks increasingly better…and these changes they announced yesterday were soooo good to hear.


I like the Idea of PvP arenas, But game need PvP content that have impact in to the world. Devs said it so many times. But now reading road map is like WTF? why they have “Fear” to add real PvP content? they seem that are starting to separate PvE from PvP badly and in a game that is a mix of sandbox and themepark is bad idea… and i am not talking about discriminate PvE or crafters but i am must do some PvE or craft to do PvP , its Fair they must do some kind of “forced PvP” because PvP means in the world too. Or at least if u refuse to do it u must waste money or be risked doing some open world PvP content. Right now PvPers are really discriminated and outpost rewards are suck as fuck.

Its one of the best features lost with a boredom PvP missions that are a non sense… Pls AGS… Improve Outworld PvP. Arenas are funny, OK. But PvP Ooutworld is what make a comunity, and feel real MMO , living world content… Dont go by the way of Themepark… i think people that enjoy this game need sandbox features.


Also I am disappointed that in the roadmaps not only is there absolutely nothing about open world pvp, but above all there is nothing about a revamp of the current system of influence, which is the absolute worst thing ever conceived in a video game.

Pvp quests are truly the most sadistic and perverse thing anyone can conceive to punish players.


Yeah, their roadmap is so poor and hopeless for those who want to enjoy PvP.
I am glad that the March update made the performance issues much better, but I did not return to the game. Because there is no exciting PvP content.

Open world PvP content is a must in an MMO like NewWorld.

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They didnt see that players that are in new world enjoy the sandbox aspect of new world, in special PvP missing ones. That are forgoten since start. & month + game and PvP had 0 new content. Wars still need a total redesing, outpost rush are bored due to is the only PvP content , PvP outworld need totally redesign too. Farming materials must be loteable, PvP must be always on, or at least they must remove factions and let guilds declare wars and make that clans always flagged for PvP in outworld with crafting materials loteable. Risk vs Reward is the fun basic rule

Another dev talk. 0 about outworld PvP… pls dont make it a try hard of world of warcraft. All about instanced content.

can’t you already have open world pvp anywhere you want with anyone else that also wants it?
is this another post trying to force people into pvp only zones or generally forcing pvp upon those who don’t want it?
or is this about other kind of suggestions?


Openworld areas shouldn’t be gated behind compulsory flagging. Most of us that bought the game from the onset bought it with the understanding that openworld PvP was opt in. Should that fundamental change, it is no longer the game that was promoted/advertised and that most of us paid for.
I’m all for balanced PvP arena’s and even full loot pvp servers for the diehard real pvpers that are few and far between. Not really interested in full gankfests that involve little talent or skill though.
As for NW, you want to hasten the death throes of this game, bring in mandatory PvP.

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What is the point of that? We want purposeful pvp. The whole selling point of this game was that it was going to be a world influenced by players and at the heart of those interactions was pvp. The last thing I want out of this game is instanced deathmatches that mean nothing. What a disappointment

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Then go play a different game. You knew what you signed on for when you purchased New World, we all did.

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we’re getting pvp exp track, for any pvp activity, even open world pvp, it’ll give what I assume will be both experience and rewards, how is that not purposeful pvp?
we already have wars that decide territory control, how is that not purposeful?

Then go play a different game. You knew what you signed on for when you purchased New World, we all did.

lol you are trolling right?

I dont play anymore, and this is exactly why. The open world we were sold is not the open world we got, and it continues to go the way of a carebear themepark instead of a compelling open world experience where your actions actually have influence on what is going on in the world. Capturing forts does practically nothing and the wars are the only aspect where pvp has any influence. Its also not open world pvp. Starting wars, which is open world, is a severely boring endeavor 90% of the time because it lacks the pvp part and participating in the war first requires even being picked at all. You can’t log in on any given night and find pvp outside of opr. This is my problem. The game has clearly shifted further away from pvp since its released and an “exp track” for pvp is not at all a compelling reason to fight in the open world.

There should be pvp events happening every day that allow people to engage with their server/world in meaningful ways. Making forts a compelling experience would be a good place to start.

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If people wanted to pvp they would be doing it already, pvp isn’t popular

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People that wanted pvp stopped playing. The numbers don’t lie.

Honeymoon phase, no game is going to retain high numbers just look at pubg and any other new title. It peaks interest then falls off.

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November 2021 Dev Blog about Open World PvP giving drops according to your HWM (Expertise) never came into fruition. Given lip service about it yet there is nothing to show for it sadly.

Got to sift through the few trash drops you get from each 20-30 minute session of OPR and soon to be Arenas before you can have a competent set for your respective weapon/playstyle. Don’t go expecting any Legendary items or named gear to bump up to Lego with umbrals either LUL! Its all a cruel joke tbh.

Are you guys still harping on the “original” theme of the game (open world, full loot pvp) that was changed years ago, well before launch? Because frankly no ones stopping you from flagging and attacking other flagged players. Are you trying to force pvp on everyone because YOU want it that way? Sorry, not sorry. Thats not the game I was sold when I bought it, and if it ever goes to non-consenual pvp I am out.

Wars are pvp that affect the world. It affects our taxes, it affects territory standings, everything. And thats not enough? You talk about pvp “events” happening everyday, and engaging in meaningful ways. Dude, thats up to the PLAYERS to create in pvp games. Nothings stopping you from making tournaments, engaging in skirmishes, organizing events on your own. I played EVE Online for years, the players there do all of that, the Devs in EVE don’t do a damn thing. Events that the Devs do organize are for PVE players, not pvp players. Its sounds like you want an openworld pvp theme park, which is against the very meaning of PVP games. Respectfully, you aren’t making sense.

All the devs can do is 1. Make a pvp ONLY server, so you sweats can go there and gank lowbies nonstop or 2. Make a couple of PVP only zones like Albion and EVE Online do. Its up to YOU to make PVP happen, not the Devs.