Road Map, Nothing about Outworld PvP

They prefer to ignore the evidence. They think things will be different than years ago, because they can clearly speak for all the PVP community.
Well, why then not make a PVP only server for the handful of people that really want it? It’s a common solution with other games so surely everyone will be happy like that? :smiley:
I can’t imagine being a very pop server and lasting long but alas you can all engage PVP all the time there at least! :sweat_smile:


Gaslighter #1:

They prefer to ignore the evidence.

The evidence from AGS:

Longer term expect a new open world activity that flagged players can participate in that we hope spurs and rewards some smaller scale engagements across Aeternum.

The response:

Nov 2021 they talk about PvP and they tell to us this. April and we are still waiting this Long term new outworld features. etc

Gaslighter #2:

PvP killed PvP


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flagged players

There you go and the update is coming!!
I don’t understand these complains now. Expecting a game that released 6 months ago to have content like others? :sweat_smile:
Not happy with the upcoming update? Surely you can find other games to your taste my friend. :slight_smile:

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AGS themselves have said that New World will have both PvE and PvP coexist together and there are no plans to make a PvP only server. Yet this guy Jenovah insists that we need to make our own game and draw lines in the sand as if they would accept that for PvE content. They do not have much of a leg to stand.

Maybe if you read the arguments (I know it’s long thread… ) you would understand why I said that. :slight_smile:
Again, not forcing anyone to do anything and I’m glad we can have both PVE and PVP together! :smiley:
Also the game just came out! You finished all you had to do? Just take a break like I did and come back when you have more content to do!
It’s not subscription based so… :sweat_smile:


This would be the best OWPVP change Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums
Fixes a lot of issues, closes a lot of exploits.


I think you give strong points there, glad you share it! Nice! :smiley:

“We make our own content” That’s the motto some pvpers have thrown at me when discussing about the cost of making an mmo

I really thought that buying a PvP game was like going to one of those restaurants where you pay to cook your own food.

We all pay for this game… so we all deserve content

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Sure did!!


Penfold , jenovah and prisonzero, always same PvP haters trolling PvP post :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
U cant respect that people that like PvP demand new PvP features?? AGS promise new open world features and we as customers want It because we like t’he Game, and we like t’he PvP. This Game is PvE but u must understand is Also PvP . Like or not , same way we respect people Talking about PvE or Craft features u must start to understand about PvP features intead of troll and kidding. We are all in same ship playing and enjoying t’he Game. Lot of features they Will ADD may bé are not for our play style. I will never craft but i Will be happy if they ADD more crafting features. I Will avoid It. But well i can go ah and buy crafted items. Same way if they ADD features PvP. For example a zone of map made for PvP. U can enter or not because u know that there u Will be toggled on. Also is a fair PvP zone because u know t’he rule. If u dont like dont go. Same way if i dont like dungeons i Will dont go.


That’s all the Map already. You can PVP anywhere! You think people will go to a specific PVP area when they don’t even PVP in the rest of Aeternum? :smiley:

Same way pure PVEr’s don’t go to to Wars or flag. :smiley:

I don’t get you. You could always PVP since Day 1, yet you complain.
Next update will even reward you heavily for doing it so and even give you another mode - Arena. Yet you still complain??
And the great majority of people - PVEr’s - are doing the same dungeons over and over, you don’t see them complaining as much as you are.

You are hard to please, my friend! :sweat_smile:


Yep sure bro.

Thx people for your like, hope AGS start to do something with PvPoutworld and Sandbox features. Is what makes this game feel alive and world in evolution.







The funny thing is, thats how I first read the original comment ha


Great post.

But you wont find a lot of support. Open pvp crowd is long gone now.
Its a pity as the whole game is based on faction war and open pvp influence fights. They never capitalized on that aspect to develop their game further.
They could have added open world events, pvp regions with incentive, more pvp incentives, a handicap system as we had in closed beta, pvp tools (like alarms, traps, temporary defensive openworld sturctures), more incentives on capturing forts, …

They were uninspired, blind, then greedy in catering for a wider audience and now this game is a soulless grindy patchwork.


Are you blind? What are you going to pvp when there isn’t people flag?? And why aren’t they flag? Because they don’t have to be flag to be in certain good reward zone, you don’t need to do pvp to have good rewards in a mmo pvp based doesn’t make any sense to not have a pvp zone or a open world high risk good reward zone for pvp making certain zones pvp with good rewards will make people go there and do pvp, only people who like pvp tho you don’t see a lot of people flag simple because is the same as going pve no extra rewards and come on nobody ask for 3vs3 arenas lol I will give it a few months till people get tired of it and quit if they don’t add more open world pvp.


Or,… it’s because they don’t like PvP… if you add an always on PvP zone then they will not go there… and the ones that will go, will do it for the reward not the PvP.

And?? How is that bad?? Then let’s make an expedition with zero loot do you think people are going to be doing that ?? Your answer doesn’t make sense why people do influence on open world?? To get a huge rewards called territory and make huge amounts of gold you can’t expect people to do something if you don’t make a system high risk good rewards and that’s for pve and pvp think a little bit for next time isn’t that hard…

I mean, I could understand if the devs used measured responses like starting off with protecting lowbie areas etc., but they didn’t. They overcorrected on an easy problem (something we’ve since learned they always do) and here we are.

Now, IMO OWPvP isn’t going to change anything in the current game and I’m not sure why people believe it would. The combat quality just isn’t good enough to attract a vibrant PvP community.

Too much emphasis on stats and gear, not enough on player-skill; A toxic griefer’s dream scenario.

Still, the devs hold just as much blame as anyone else for developmental decisions because they’re clearly struggling to come up with good solutions to problems. See: umbrals, mutators, RNG events, tedious grinds, etc. etc.

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If that expedition has fun mechanics, good replayability and hard challenges then sure!!!

If I’m having fun then I don’t need the carrot!!

The loot is just a bonus… the fun is the real reward!

Maybe it’s because I’m pretty use to seeing pvp players not fucking care about loot at all!!

My respects to those Eve players that burn a 3 billion ship just to see how many players they can take down before their own ship gets popped like a loot piñata!

But I understand now… Devs are you paying attention? is not fun what we need! IT’S BIGGER CARROTS :carrot: