Roadmap topic is needed

Dear AGS,

Can you PLEASE give us a roadmap topic and keep it updated? Is that too much to ask for?

We know there are bugs, and we suppose that you’re working on it. But we don’t know it. An ordered list of to do things, updated every single time a task is done seems mandatory in the actual situation.

We can’t play with our friends because you stopped the migration because a bug, and we didn’t have an update in last 3 days. So the ones who were able to migrate aren’t playing anymore because we weren’t able to move on time.
The ones who are still playing in the old server can’t play at all because server is broken, an entire faction is gone because of the war bugs.
The little few ones who are still playing are dealing with a broken economy because you didn’t balance the income/outuput mechanics, so in a mid-long term the gold sink will tend to 0.

How can you expect patience from your player in this situations? How can you expect us to keep playing? Or to not ask a refund or so?

So please. Get a meeting, create that damn roadmap topic and update it as if your life depend of it, because the health of your game totally depends of it.

Let us know on what are you working right now and when do you expect to finish each task, so we can see a progress about your work and think about when should we play.
You went from a succesful launchment to a critic situation mainly because of your lack of communication, so please fix it before it’s too late. Because it can even be too late now.



I don’t get this radio silence either. I mean if it’s not ready: okay. But tell us. Saying nothing regarding transfers or Outpost Rush is just no solution.

They promised a roadmap and communication. We get neither.

I was looking for it also…

I’ve asked for a road map since the closed beta. AGS are wonderful, work hard, and truly do work on fixing what players request, but… Holy sh*t are they the BIGGEST GAS LIGHTERS when it comes to communication. Makes me want to pull my hair out. You have to be a professional at “reading between the lines” to get half the notes. They spend days and days saying NOTHING. Then, when they do respond, it’s a single sentence or tweet about something entirely unrelated. It feels awful. I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with AGS, but I can’t leave

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