Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner - Marketplace Question

Background. I played like crazy back a year ago, and one of the final things I did was almost completely lock down the Thanksgiving Turkey boss. I managed to craft somewhere between 200-300 dinners, and sold a bunch for a bit of profit. I kept around 180 to either A) see if the price goes up for more profit as a lot of folks were selling at the end B) eat them myself. But I quit in December so I still have those Turkey legs.

I logged in today to see what’s new after 10 months, and figured I’d check the market value of various treasures.

I looked up the Turkey dinners and see multiple stacks of 100 on the market (at reasonable prices) a year later with a bunch of partial stacks as well. (I got booted from Valhalla apparently so this is on US East Eden)

Is there some new way to make the dinners now? Are people duping still? Is someone just putting the stacks up every week and no one is buying them? It’s confusing me to see so many dinners on the market a year later.

All these Roasted Monstrous Turkey dupers and abusers should be permanently banned.

It’s hilarious and outraging how some people ‘dodge’ ban wave for dupe and with NO SHAME the are selling stacks 100+.
Sure this story that u farmed it nearly 1 year ago and ‘kept’ them just until now. But considering those items were always on trading post and how much u spent for reposting items on trade post - allow me to fully doubt that.

Super confused. Are you talking about me, or the people that actually have them on the market board?

Because today was my first login since Dec 21st, and if I was duping and making a handsome profit I’m not sure why I’d be wasting my time making a post asking about them. Unclear what you mean by me re-posting anything?

I just came back to see the Brimstone changes. Just curious why something I spent likely dozens of hours total farming was so common on the board. Chill.

What is there about this situation that is “duping”? They played a lot during an event and ended up with a lot of stuff, and then stopped playing.

I did the same thing during the Winter Convergence event and ended up with so many tokens I didn’t know what to do with them. I eventually just bought hundreds of the attribute foods, and I still have them stored. Should I be banned for duping?

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Do u even know what u are talking about?

Monstrous Turkey Leg could be dropped 1 time per day only. U either bought big stacks or duped big stacks.
Now tell me a story where u bought hundreds of Monstrous Turkey Legs for 100g-500g and somehow after nearly 1 year u dont tried to make profit or save ur gold.

Simply …not …true

What isnt true?

You could obtain more than 1 per day is what they are saying I believe.

It’s a lie, everybody who played back then can confirm it was limited 1 per day, per player.

Thank goodness. I thought you were being unnecessarily aggressive. You just didn’t play the event enough to have any idea how it worked.

Turkulon could spawn in most zones. Each zone had 2-3 spawn points he could spawn randomly in. I couldn’t find the old map that was setup, but this post had mostly correct locations. I think Everfall we eventually confirmed one additional spawn location to the south of the left red circle.

When you killed Turkulon you’d get a guaranteed leg up to I think it was either 8 or 10 people. If a huge group killed Turkulon the rate decreased. (Funny enough we saw cases where 14 people killed him and we only got a few legs.) It’s honestly my biggest criticism of the event, because it encouraged us to form a rotating group of about 8 people (usually a single group at any time) and not share our tracking timers. It should’ve been a guaranteed leg every time.

The spawn timers were zone specific, and pretty much exactly 3 hours after the last spawn. So if you did a very good job staggering the spawns, and had a group of people always killing them and rotating who was awake, you could effectively lock down his spawn. Just run people to each spawn, see where he is, group, kill, repeat.

On our best day we had all the spawns grouped within a 50-60 minute window. So you run around like a maniac for an hour then get a 2 hour break.

If you had full cooking gear (or like me just missing the Chest, which was removed with that whole Shattered Priest fiasco – is the chest back in the game yet?) you would cook something like 130%+ so 2-3 dinners per leg. At the time I was trying to time my personal sleep and if I recall get get 5-6 spawn loops in a day. I averaged roughly 40 legs a day if I recall. So if you math up my numbers are very reasonable for someone who played on average 70 hours a week.

Here is also some random post confirming that there were spawn timers and includes a video.

Hope that clears up how the event works, and could be strategized to maximize legs.

This isn’t going to age well, my friend.

1 leg per day bit

Apart from Shattered Mountain/Cleave and Eden ,it was spawning on all maps with 28 minutes cd …so it could be farmed constantly with good team that was willing to tp.

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