Robin Hood Items - Prime Claim

Hi team,

I was able to claim my pirate garb and all - and I can see it fine in-game - but somehow no matter how many times I click to claim the skins, they’re not appearing in-game. When I click to claim, it shows successfully claimed, but I don’t see the items in my claimed items, and the link/button to claim is still there (different than the pirate one). Any help is appreciated.


P.S. I wish I knew how to add the appearances I like, in-game, to the list of skins I can use. Is there any way to do so? there are lots of armor I used before that I loved the appearance but I can’t change my current items skin to it as it doesn’t show on the skins list. Thanks!

Hi @VeonRenn,

I understand that you are not able to switch the appearance of certain items, specifically the “pirate skin”.

Quick question are you talking about the Swashbuckler?

Looking forward to your reply!

I am able to switch the pirate (swashbuckler) skin - I was not able to claim the Robin Hood themed items, but now I was able to.

my question, on the PS, is how do I actually add the skin of the other in-game items I own to my list of possible appearances

i don’t see the robin hopd or the woodsman skins in the unlocked section in the store but if i click directly on the head slot and change skins they do show up there

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