Rocabarra merge

Why server rakobarra not merged into the hyperborea? online there is very weak, and after merge with sanor online not much increased, 800 people in the evening prime, consider merging hyperborea with rakobarra, I think this would like players of both servers


Adding some Info for this post.

Same opinion on this thread, we have a “big” community holding “gold mines” for months now. Some territories being exchange just to make some view of “war activities”.

Atm, (02.12.22) 12p.m. CET, world chat is DEAD.

When it was possible to see, we had average 400-600 players peek online. ~3 weeks ago.
Now it’s like, 100-200 most (my opinion), even tho chat is dead.

Hard to find any party for a Mutation dungeon. (Specific cuz most players are low gs\mainly casuals, hard mutation on a hard hitting mobs. cant manage to finish a t3-t4 with random\pick up groups to silver\gold…


my past T3 Genesis:

had to kill the last boss solo from ~30%-25% HP. cuz team wiped… (im fire\ice\void rdd)

DEVs, Community managers, Please, do something about our existing online, some people are quitting not only because of updates, bugs, infinite “Fun Detected” stuff. The reason is also because there’s no one to play with (as an additional reason…)

WE Really need a merge in to some server\cluster.


Bump someone help us plz

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they said no and left this

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This explains everything

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