Rog strix 2070 crashing after troubleshooting

So im running a ROG Strix RTX 2070, 32GB DDR4, Core i9… and I have yet to play this game for more than 15-20 minutes without it freezing and crashing the application. I’ve updated my nvidia drivers, I’ve updated windows, I’ve gone from high to all low settings, I’ve capped my fps, I’ve turned on Vsync, ive verified my steam files, I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled to refresh anticheat files… I’ve done everything in current existence… and this game is making me regret purchase. I have far more than enough power in this pc to play this game at a high display level. Excuse my language… but is going on? This is highly unacceptable.

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My Laptop is doing the same exact issue mine happens with an external monitor plugged in works 100% of the time with just the laptop working on the fix hopefully I find the fixsoon


Thank you for the report. Please check my PM.


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