Roleplay - RP server?

Hi, so the roleplay community got together to discuss on which server we could go to play but encountered following issues

  • no chat for local roleplay wed have to use the area chat and spam the entire area =/
  • groups of 5 too small to use group chat

So we found maybe it would be good to allow bigger groups like in war, or a local /say chat or ideally, for EN and DE a dedicated RP server for roleplayers, i guess we are enough to fill one and dont want the community to be split across servers


Or… You can Use voice


not for RP…90% of players dont want to use voice for mmo rpg, thats more for tabletop


I still enjoy roleplay, even at my age but I don’t use Voice for doing it. I much prefer to only use a chat channel and emotes (having special RP emotes added later in future would be great).

Currently, as far as I know… there are “unofficial” RP Servers for each region, chosen by the community.


-OREFANA- ?(Other chosen due to influx of streamer)

? (NA-West)
? Other Regions


as well as gladsheim, ravenal, utgard…the community is split and thats the main issue

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Yeah, it’s almost always the way and we RP’ers get ignored or forgotten. The underdogs of any mmo. :wink:


Well maybe if 1k people like this post we will get rp servers who knows XD

I support this cause. And i got company with over 50 members behind me.



Indeed. The same had been reported during betas, but there wasnt really time to get something for launch, that’s understandable.
Still, it would be nice if AGS Devs were made aware and would consider some suggestions (some are more RP focused, some would be beneficial for all):

  • A “RP friendly” tag on certain servers (at least 1 per region)
  • a local/say chat and the possibility to write emote (aka /me or /em )
  • a better tab management system of the chat (the current one is a bit tedious to use)
  • a more customizable chat interface
  • a “system” channel for all those “level up”, “fort x is under attack” and other notifications
  • some additional emotes/interactions, like the possibility to sit in chairs (its possible in your house, shouldnt be impossible to make in public places like inns)
  • Company housing. Certainly a nice feature in quite a few MMOs around.
  • possibility to have larger groups (like being able to invite a raid group inside a house for example)

Loving your suggestions and agree, many QoL RP improvements would be very nice, especially if RP is to have any real chance of surviving or growing.

On NA-EAST Eupana Server, which I rolled on because it is meant to be the “backup” secondary RP Server for the region in case the main one is full/busy.

Today my character was randomly invited and whispered by the guild leader of an RP/PVP Guild or Company. They have a great RP name that also fits my characters backstory so I will likely join them. They sound good and that’s a great start. Seen quite a few good RP sounding Companies on this server + it’s friendly, tolerant atmosphere from what I’ve seen

Looking like RP Servers might be possible if you’re lucky. It’s a shame luck is needed but isn’t it always :smiley:


So do we have any RP server for EU? I really wanna RP in this game :slight_smile:

Is there a website for RP?

Hey Amazon if you see this discussion if you add more discussion boards here in the future perhaps a RP board.


Runeberg is the EU unofficial RP server

A growing german community sit on nastrond. i won´t a “EU RP Server” cause, i cant relax and play in other languages… i prefer a germand flagged server… but if its doesnt fit… its okay. We got our community an enough player for this adventure, all what we need is a “SAY” Chat…

This game def needs its own RP server.

The problem with unofficial is that people can come, not role-play, troll and claim its unofficial.

At least in official RP servers, some rules regarding behavior can be made and enforced.

I hope you guys get what you want. I seen people try to RP on my server and it was sad the trolling that goes on.


Another useful function would be user-managed chat channels… anytime someone ask for a “Say” Channel? not! give us a “Say” channel…

well some issues can be circumvented by going into a player home and use party chat. ofc that only allows for undisturbed RP for 5 people tops

We’re all roleplaying, playing a decent and promising mmo

im pretty sure 95% of players never even thought about who they actually play, where the character comes from, what knowledges and experiences he has etc.