Rollback all Combat Changes

Since its completly broken atm. Rollback and listening carefully the community start again adjusting it.

The game right now is completly filled with ppl in heavy gear spamming ccs and spamming left clicks with greataxe.

I love the game but right now as a mage i have literally no desire to log in.

pro tip: u guys are taking TOO F. LONG to adjust it and ofc the population is bleeding even more each day.

pro tip 2: u cant HIT 2.5K per swing if ure FULL HEAVY. its just dumb. u cant be tank AND dps at same time. u guys understand the basics?

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the good great axers are actually using medium armor cos its infinity times better than heavy when your brain can manage a 2nd button next to lmb :smiley:

btw just played an OPR with 0 mages on both sides. think that says alot

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theres no issue in GAs using medium.

they do damage but theyre not tanky as a F.

to be fair they arent even that tanky in heavy. its just mages doing garbage dmg now and most heavys run voidbent which is good vs mages and if they slot some elemental resists in it and have some on their jewelry you cant even tickle them as a mage. meanwhille a bows penetrating shot hits them for 50% of their hp

current combat balance is just a fkin joke

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