Rollback - Coins compensation


“rollback for all affected characters”

What exactly does this mean? How will the rollback be done? What will be rolled back? Who are “affected characters”?

Please provide us with full details regarding how you will fix this.

Brooo, just chill. :skull:


What do you mean? I am pretty chill actually. I don’t mind that they want to “fix” this, regardless of what they decide to do. I just want information. There is no reason why they should not give more details about this.

I hope they will rollback it like 4 hours back or something. :slight_smile:

I agree, a full database rollback of a couple of hours sounds like the only way to properly solve this, but based on the statement “rollback for all affected characters” it does not sound like that is what they plan to do.


I can´t wait for this post:
We finished investigating the incorrect player coin compensation and the work on a rollback for all affected characters in the EU Central region.

We decided that a 24h rollback is not enough to repair the damages of all the exploits and duping.
At the end we made the decision to rollback to 28.10.2021.
Login quick so you can save the global names that are still available.

Good luck and have fun starting with the new “New World Classic” DLC.


Complete rollback or me and many others will completely give up on your game.

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Rollback on affected character, ok…


What happens with the items they bought ? do they return in marketplace as they were ? That seems to be a full server rollback…

Idk how their systems work behind - just wondering about the market which was ruined after ppl bought all items.


ye if it’s gonna be a partial rollback for characters I’m out
I tried to defend this game but that’s just way too much, 19 out of 25 ppl in my guild who were online got over 300k coins and spend it on absolutely everything and threw it in all parts of the game incase they will just revert the coins available

You will see I think they will just put them again in to market and dont cry cuz in normal case you wont buy them.

Can u even read or u just want to say w/e is in your head…

Why are we testing gold compensation on EU (largest region) kinda on their daytime/prime time instead of some smaller region first or few select servers. It just boggles my mind


I got 200k gold. I dont need no rollback! XD

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Those 200k you got will go down the drain fast - yea you can buy houses and that’s kinda it…prices will skyrocket because ppl have money and ppl will ask for money :wink:

I got 300k is ok if they dont rollback! XD

Let’s say they roll backed the affected characters, what will happen to the economy? Will they place the bought items to the market, or give them to the original owners? A server rollback will be better at this time. Also will it be ok to pay for unaffected characters? I was waiting to play with my friends after work but now I am afraid to play because of not want to lose play time.

Seriously your post makes zero sense. The rollback is regarding coin compensation and you start bringing up dupes and exploits and claiming they are going to rollback 3 weeks. Your clueless dude…

mate, it´s called “satire” :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure it makes no sense, but it´s also not meant to do so.

Managing New World
is like frying a small fish.
You spoil it with too much poking.

–from the Tao Te Ching c. 600 B.C.

So it’s spam then?