Rollback / Items Missing

After the rollback was done, I saw that most of my items that I listed in Trading post are gone.
However I didn’t get any gold in return.

Hopefully someone will look into this situation, we can’t afford to lose items that we have been farming for them for hours.

Bump for you!

Good luck, unless you make a lot of noise it’ll most likely get swept under the carpet.

There has been people that was wrongfully banned for 3 weeks+ without any response what makes you think AGS cares about some missing TP items.

I hope it gets resolved for you.

Congratulations :partying_face:

I just wanted to let them know that this is actually an issue. It felt wrong not to do anything.

I am not planing to spam or anything like that, after all I dont want to fuck my nerves for couple of items. You never know this game might die soon since they cant fix anything.

Hopefully they do fix because I really enjoy the game.

Have fun guys

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There are probably more people that think this than there are active players.

They know about this

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