Rollback, progres gone, items gone, no extra gold for server maintance, trade post locked,

Dear developers And users/players of the NW. I was hoping the rollback would have less impact on my account.
First of all, thank u for my favorite game run back again. Iam very happy to be able to play again. There will be always something to repair or advance And that is something i understand And iam in peace with that. But we Are missing items, we Are missing progress. Game time Is our Lifetime, althought we want to play and spend our time in NW we are people whose actually live their own lives.

Amazon, you work on this game to earn money, we earn money to get your game. You spend the time to make the game runnig smothly. We spend our time in game to make her famous to enjoy the game, trying to be better, succesful, ne the best od all the other players. But u are getting paid for the all hard work u do. We are not.

So it makes me angry😛 to lose everything i do in game without compezations of any kind.

Not hating, just saying in the end we all are just people. (Phone written)

Anothet one.
What have You lost? How much could You do during 6 hours since they added a small patch and started to send cash to the people.

They rollback like 8-10 hours of gameplay max yesterday, the rest of the day servers were off, so what the hell did You lose?

You people are really pathetic sometimes. As long I am reading this forum as long I am losing my faith in humanity.

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The auction houses were cleared of everything valuable so ur talking millions lost currently

And they rollback it. Jesus man, do not bring me here invalid arguments.

You guys need to understand that YOu are wasting Your time hoping for any compensation for yesterday. Grown up and get over it

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i dont want compensation in a good part cos they will just fuck something else up. but they havent fixed the trade post yet so saying they rolled it back is incorrect. going by amazons current track record it would be stupid to suggest the issue is fully resolved.

I’m not going to grow up! I will be a kid forever! Or why we all play games in first place?

Good point :wink:

just before the servers went down i bought a lambo , and also just got a drop of full set of everything legendary , i hope i get them back , oh i also had gold cap and an unicorn , not to forget to give back that.

they lost their mind LOL


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