Rollback the root you gave to reap, please

Hey Team,

For whatever reason, you decided to give the Great Axe’s Reap ability a root, plus the pull. Could we please get that removed?

You used to be able to roll/dodge out of it, now you’re stuck. Doesn’t the Great Axe have enough roots?

Believe it, or not, but this was a extremely large buff to that skill.





As far as I’m aware, that’s one of the only cc abilities great axe has.

Gravity well


Oh right. I dunno why I forgot that.

They just want every single one of us to play Great Axe and War Hammer. The devs responsible for PVP balance should get fired.

Their current combo is, run up to anyone (no dodges, or skill usage):

Reap (root) → gravity well (root) → cyclone (root) → engage auto-attack | pull out warhammer (stun city)

It’s just so unbelievably powerful.

Because you aren’t even a GA user, you’re just here to talk shit.

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I know bro I just wanna know how someone can look at this and say it’s not broken on top of that if I sweep after vault they do the roll back now

Yeah, i love how people tell “just dodge and roll away from ga”. Yeah i dodge few times my stamina is too low to make another dodge and boom fucking greataxe player just teleports like magnet to my back and kills me.

Your one of those ranged players who totally ignores the one or two Melee chars running at you to keep focusing your damage/heals on your group and makes no attempt to keep said melee out of range… I have seen quite a lot of this.

I avoid the large cluster fights and flank the mages and healers who 90% of the time just stand there at back in a group making it easy to well and stomp. The clever ones usually get away.

Read the patch notes to be more informed my man. The root on reap was NOT working properly! It was not added later! It was fixed! You were never supposed to dodge out of reap as that would simply make the skill unusable.

With skill, you can still dodge before the reap gets you, but getting away from a skill mid animation is just wrong. You got caught in it, you’ll eat the damage from the 2nd hit.

Same as riposte and other skills, if you get stunned, you’ll eat a backstab heavy. You get caught by the spear sweep, you’ll eat the overhead as well. If you can simply dodge out of these skills, what would be the point of them?

  1. Real is unseeable you can’t dodge it unless it’s a hard read

  2. It pulls you in, guard breaks,has range and this is Sioux root how was it useless devs just don’t play their game

You can trigger a riposte and dodge the subsequent stun. Have you tried it?

You mean apart from the snaring/rooting/aoe damage/healing gravity well? Or maybe the fact that every heavy attack pulls the target closer? Or the AOE spin that clumps targets together?

Remove stuns from hammer?

If they remove 0.25 sec root the last talent tree of reap becomes useless everyone can tap shift when they are getting pulled. And it locks gaxe player on animation aswell so before the patch last talent of reap was actually worse than not having it.
It should stay like this or change spinning attack with something useful.

Yep it is insane how they saw both of those weapons combined with heavy armour being the peak of the meta for 99% of the games existence but the second mages actualy become relevant they nerf them into the ground and BUFF both the weapons that have been 10x as oppressive in wars since day 1.

With this new round of changes im seeing rosters of 35+ gaxe hammers and that is NOT OK. There are 12 weapons in the game now and too many of them are goddamn useless. Not every weapon should be 100% equal in all scenarios, its fine that gaxe hammer isnt amazing in 1v1’s because its great in war. But no weapon should be completely useless in either scenario.

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