Rolled on a Low pop server, now it's High w/ high queue

I did what was suggested and rolled on a new, low population server yesterday after getting tired of doing the queue/queue error/queue again routine on my “main” High population server.

Today, that new server is High population and had a queue near 1000 last time I checked…seriously, what in the heck am I supposed to do now? Keep re-rolling?

Anyone else have this happen?

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Yup! Exact same thing happened to me :(. I already re-reolled once so I really don’t want to re-roll again. Would love to be able to transfer my character out to a new server.

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Same. On NA East, Xibalba was low queue on launch day - now it’s one of the most populated server with queue times only lower than Valhalla by a few hundred.


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Yep, it’s not uncommon. Same happened with my second server, it now has queues around 1k in prime time (now).

I think we just have to wait for the caps to be raised to be honest, once the launch rush is over and the players are more spread out.

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