Rolling server transfer token question


When I saw the rolling transfer tokens i already knew you guys were trying to monitor pops on servers and start locking full worlds as seen with Midgard only reason for rolling tokens. Bit unfair if you one of the unlucky people that do not get their token till 22nd versus someone that got theirs the first day. 1 Person gets any choice of the server they want to go while other person just based on luck get a reduced choice of servers.

I still have not received my token and check multiple times a day. The server I’m on is going downhill fast and to the point i rather just check if i have my token or not then log off till i do get it. But right now we have no idea when were are supposed to receive this token. I’m pretty sure you sending a set amount of tokens out at a certain time each day. Can you tell us that time so we do not have to keep checking the store to see if we got it yet. I’ll just go play something else in the mean time well i wait for a token.

Should of just let everyone get a token at once and let the xfers play out. Then did what you did for Midgard and give another token to full servers to help with the queue times.

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