Roots and Stuns

Last feedback I wrote was a waste of an hour please if any dev or mod sees this let me know you did please.

I think the current roots and stuns are okay but they get abused by meta players way to much I think OPR specific tuning should be done to cut down on people spending most of the match running into the fight only to get rooted and stunned and killed without being able to do any damage and then repeating that over and over until barely getting 500 and then they lose the match. I love OPR and this game I just am sick of not being able to use my custom RP spartan build and getting shit on by roots and stuns.

a way I can see this being fixed is a personal stun timer its been said before and in going to propose it as well if i get stunned there should be a 15 to 30 sec timer so I can recover and retaliate.

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