Rotten Limb Legendary

Ok all, so I just recently got my Void Gauntlet to 590 GS/WM/Expertise. Before that I farmed Putris for the epic Rotten Limb, which dropped pretty regularly. Now after I have reached that 590 VG cap, I have farmed him for 3 days/multiple hours per day. Before you ask about what luck gear I have, 32.4% luck + 3 Major Loot/luck trophys + food. I have not gotten a single Rotten Limb drop, its a complete 180 from before I hit that 590 mark. Wondering if anyone has gotten the legendary version? Just wondering if I am at 590 if it just wont drop due ot being a lvl 60 creature, and if that is the case, that may happen with other creatures/drops as well. Hopefully we can get some confirmation.

Could be nothing, yet I’ve seen a fair few posts on here about receiving less loot once 590 expertise is reached. Mayhaps a bug?

Edit: I only say it could be nothing due to how RNG works, you could have 999/1000 chance to get an item drop and still not get it for weeks at a time, simply due to the 1/1000 chance of not receiving the item (purely hypothetical example). Low probability, yet not zero.

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Yea my train of thought is anyone under the 590 it will drop it no issues, but maybe the chance of it is less so if it was to say roll that normal drop the 590 cancels it out? Iono pure speculation

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