Roughly 90,000 in Q at the moment ! - Nearly more in Q than Playing

Steps that should have been implemented before launch to configure how many servers;

Add up Steam orders
Add up Amazon orders
Get the total
Assume a sensible % will login first day
Get appropriate servers ready

What did I miss ?

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Don’t cap servers at 2.000 players!

Yes that’s one I missed - Thanks :slight_smile:

To let more players in doesn’t help, the zones aren’t meant for so much players. The starting area already is a mess with so many players around.

We are here at last!
Servers always need some adjustment(s); it’s just the way of new online games^_^

Happy hooking-up and server-snags!

By the time NA- West launches they will be ghost towns, guessing so many people are just trying to ‘get their fix’ as it just launched while waiting for AU or NA-East to open.

Plus EU up first but loaded with US players - queues will drop once the other regions open …

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