RTA server merger only references "coin" and "wealth"

I would REALLY like to know where they are getting this average. I would be willing to bet money, that the 100+ people continuously playing on Titan have been farming mats and ONLY not progressed because nothing was upgraded.

Getting ready for AGS to be humbled again by their picked metrics lol

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That dev post is so out of touch it’s hilarious.

Coin per character? When the gold cap is 500k and every stores money in a company, buys mats, or alts to stay under cap?

People have millions of coin in gear and they are looking at coin per character… lol

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You really have to realize, the generation of coin does not come from farming materials. You can have tons and tons of mats, if no one is making gold there are no buyers.

Bro if you think an RTA character who has been on a dead and empty server for weeks is of any threat to your gameplay then you need to take off the tinfoil hat.

90% of rta players already quit the game or went back to their mains because we got so massively disrespected by AGS.

You will not notice these RTA players even joining your servers. The handfull of people who will actually play on their rta character you probably will never even run into and they’re so gimped in every aspect you certainly won’t feel any impact or influence from them what so ever.


Tell them how it should be determined then. Give the Devs feedback and let them know how you would go about doing it.

pls tell me you play on Yonas/Titans

I do not unfortunately


Yeah, coin per toon is worthless, I have far more in mats and asmo than I do in coin right now… But I don’t think the RTA worlds can roll anything on a CD right now but I could be wrong.

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