Hey AGS and Forums -

I was fortunate to play in the RTA event. I invited community members and trusted friends who I knew would help us achieve the goals set forth for the event - and we did! Over the course of the event, we worked hard to ensure that we accomplished all we did, and in the process, so many of my friends, my company members and myself truly fell in love with the game again.

The draw for many was the event, but it was also the experience of a fresh start Most of the players I personally brought with me are players with multiple thousands of hours on their main accounts. They wanted to be on a fresh start server.

I promised them that we’d be on a fresh start server.

I defended the feeling of no real sense of reward after the event for the players. I defended sticking out the very empty server in the hopes of the one day fresh start server merges. In the mean time, we’ve been enjoying the game the way its meant to be played - despite the fact that the server population and crippling town upkeep costs mean that we don’t even have a single place to make runic leather at the moment.

I’ve defended a lot of decisions that have been made about this game and gone to bat for it over and over and over, but never have I felt so disappointed, used and betrayed by a choice. We are a fresh start server. We don’t have any special “perk”, we aren’t going to “unbalance” anything. We don’t want to destroy another fresh start server. We just want to have a place to play the game we love with our friends that isn’t on a legacy server that, for the record, practically half of out players already have alternate accounts on from a year ago.

Legacy servers are filled with immense amounts of gold, alternate accounts out the wazoo, bots on every farm path. They are filled with war rosters of the same 50 people (I know territory changes will loosen this a bit, but… still). They are filled with BIS gear that has been rolled with copious amounts of materials farmed over a year.

We don’t even have a runic leather station.

At least on a fresh start server, we’d have a chance to enjoy the game the way that fresh starts were meant to be enjoyed, surrounded by others who wanted the same thing - a new start to their game experience.

We love this game, many of us have been playing since your earliest betas. We love our company. We’ve loved our server, for all the good and the bad things. Do right by the players that have supported you for so long and let us just be a Fresh Start server. Please.

Edit to add: People on Death server have already begun to jump ship to restart again on another Fresh Start server, driving the population down even further… Please speak up with more than a delay and soon.


RTA to legacy has been delayed, so continue to make your voice heard


I did see it was delayed, but I think its very important we share our experiences and use our voices! I would like to see the best choice made for the game and the server


You forgot, some people have more than one character on the server due to server merges allowing such.


1000% Agree

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100% fully agree.

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The best solution for this is: Give all RTA Players a free “Fresh-Server-Trans-Token”, so we can all decide on which of the FSS we want to continue playing.

And I can only speak for myself and my 70+ player company. We WANT to play the game - but not on a damn legacy server…


Definitely happy that they were receptive enough at least to stop the merger dead in its tracks atm and consider other options. It was a big blow to morale to see what their intentions were, but I am hopeful that things will go in all of our favor in the end. <3


I understand the desire to be as fair as possible, but the RTA servers do not have that much of an advantage to be tossing them to the wolves on Legacy Servers. The Population of Death after the event ended plummeted to less than 300 active. Such a small number would clearly not overwhelm other Fresh Start servers. What would happen however is all the new players who started on RTA would get swallowed up and spit out on a Legacy server.

RTA players do not have the wealth or time spent to be competitive on a Legacy server. Instead they would be tossed into what you have acknowledged as broken economies etc. and frankly it would ruin the RTA players experience likely leading them to quitting and the next time you try a Return to Aeturnum event it likely they would be much more likely to stay away and not return.

There are other Fresh Start servers that could use the extra 200-300 players from the RTA servers and it would benefit both set of players greatly. Dead Servers do not keep people playing.


We put our most valuable asset into the RTA, event our time. And, we made it into a great event that brought in new people and showcased the game. In return, we have been lied to. We continued to gear our RTA characters, because we wanted to play on a fresh start server. The fact that AGS has disrespected my time and devalued the work I put into their event speaks volumes. My trust has been broken. Frankly, if they merge the RTA servers with legacy servers it will be a very long time before I play this game again, if I ever play at all. I don’t want to continue to support a company that doesn’t appreciate it’s player base.


Unfortunately I have to agree. After having put my all and more into this event, and having put hundreds of hours into this new character, if the result is for it all to be merged and forgotten about I could never consciously continue to support the game or devs. Again this is coming from someone who is willing to buy entire skin packs and spend chunks of my life grinding in this game. I DON’T WANT THIS GAME TO FAIL, I’m willing to stick it out through a lot, but this is completely disrespectful to the communities they brought together during RtA.


their delay announcement does not mention why so nobody has a clue if it is related to the community uproar. the announcement does not even include enough respectable information to decipher anything from it. with ags track record of consist bugs and deployment issues it is most likely delayed for technical reasons.

and, immediately after i post, they announce a cancellation of the merge entirely but still no explanation why it was cancelled or any clues about its fate.

Honestly im really disappointed being told that fresh start server will NEVER be merged into a legacy server. and last time i checked death was a fresh start server. Just really defeated to spend so much time wanting to grind a fresh start character to be able to have that character be behind all of the characters on the legacy server. please fix this AGS :frowning:

AGS doesn’t care. Their answer to the ‘Returned’ title everyone busted their ass to get, in addition to helping hype their RTA event, was that it ‘was an unfortunate rumor’. Nevermind paid streamers telling us it was legit.

This isn’t any different. They made us a promise, and now they don’t want to follow through. Again. They’re making this a habit.

People deleted characters on their old servers, in order to free up the names on the RTA servers, so they could start fresh, and break free of the ‘tainted’ economies on the legacy servers. They did that because they were promised that RTA servers wouldn’t be merged with legacy.

I honestly hope that the ‘delay’ isn’t a technical issue, and is AGS finally deciding to do the right thing by the players for once.

I joined this event because it was a unique opportunity to experience the game on a brand new server, building it with everyone on equal ground. This news was so disappointing and while I am hopeful that the reversal message we just saw means they are considering rolling us into another FSS, I am also frustrated. We saw a huge drop in morale and what little population we had on the server after it was announced. Everyone agrees it needs to be merged, but a legacy server is not a fair option for those who joined this event being promised as not to be merged with legacy. I can’t see any motivation to either reroll on a different FFS and start over again, or try legacy being this far behind. The event was great fun and I’m very sad it is going to be stained by this conclusion. Future events will be looked at with a very skeptical eye.

Well said. Merging a fresh start into a legacy server would only be a mistake. And of course, make them liars.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the forums here but felt that I just had to swing by to add my two cents.

The reason I came back to New World was because of the whole “Fresh Start” thing. I’m a casual player who got in on the game at launch but being as casual as I am, I quickly fell behind others and just felt like the weakest player in Aeternum lol. So, I quit and looked toward other games.

These days though, I have more time on my hands and the announcement of Fresh Start Servers sounded too good to pass up. And getting a second chance to start again on an equal footing with everyone else was simply a - Win Win.

I’ve been having a blast. Plain and simple. I’ve grown to love the game again and with all the new content and improvements, I’ve been sucked right back in. I’m just loving my time here!

BUT… Now, here we are talking about merging with a legacy server? Merging with players that have most likely been here from the start? Well, that sounds like a “back to square one” scenario for me and back to the reason I left and stopped playing. I may have more time on my hands these days than I did back then but I still have a lot of catching up to do. Heck, I’m still behind a lot of the players on ‘Death’ and only hit Lvl 60 a few days ago. But, It’s not that huge of a gap and I can live with it.

I’m just not happy with the fact that there’s a possibility of merging with a legacy server. I’d be fine with it if it were another fresh start server we’d be merging with but not a legacy. Nope, no way.

I don’t want to leave again. I’m having too much fun. But I don’t want to feel like I’m 1000 miles behind again either.

So, please AGS… If you want to merge us with another server, please make it another fresh start server. Don’t merge us with a Legacy. Please!

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter, for what it’s worth.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


It was not delayed due to technical reasons.


I’ve stuck out and defended this game through everything.
Feels like spit in the face to push us back into legacy.

I cannot wrap my head around the reasoning behind this or what data could possibly be held to suggest that this is a better option than merging us into another fresh start server.

I log into a legacy server world and people are selling asmo in stacks over 1000.

Meanwhile the Death server can’t even maintain crafting buffs.