So you’re listening? I appreciate it a lot! Give us a free token to trans on an FSS of our choice! That’s your best solution in this situation!

They’ve said they won’t do that, nor is it a good solution.


I’m guessing it was delayed to the previous ef up of calling RTA Fresh Start and trying to figure out how to tell these people that a closed ecosystem where you can pool/collude etc. isn’t a Fresh Start


Okay - explain me why this is not the way to fix it?

Free token to Legacy?

Oh hell no… I want a token to transfer to FSS Server of my choice.


So you made false claims to your friends to fool them in to joining RTA servers?

That was the information given by ags. Even RIGHT NOW, the Death server has the FRESH START icon on it in game.


RTA Servers are Fresh Start Servers, including ‘Death’. No false claims were made.

At the time, AGS said that Fresh Start Servers would never be merged with Legacy servers. Again, no false claims were made by Hilary.


That ship sailed long ago.

I can empathize with players who join a fresh start server. A myriad reasons exist for their decision. Even if the progression and/or maintenance of settlements gets stunted for any reason, the players want this environment and not the legacy environment.

Is this such a difficult concept to digest?

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Agreed, I’d rather take the chance of waiting on the server at low population to re-populate over the ‘free weekend’ than to be sent back to legacy.


For what it is worth, you can pool mats on any server, RTA/Fresh Start or Legacy.

Also: half of my company that is currently playing are players who came after RTA and joined when it was advertised as a fresh start server :slight_smile:


In a way, I hope AGS wait on merging the RTA servers a bit longer. Let the other fresh start servers get established more. The RTA servers, I played on Titan only for the event while also playing my main on the legacy server, were just that. An event server. I know several streamers and players said that they were just doing the event and then bouncing. Plus you got to remember that RTA servers were also on a much faster track in terms of leveling and dungeon running than a lot of the fresh start servers. If anything, the RTA servers should be merged with more established Fresh Start servers, where it won’t be a steam roll of wars and content against people on those servers. It’s not fair to them.

Plus remember, it is the holidays. People are travelling, and doing other IRL stuff. There’s some big updates coming from AGS in the near future. IMO, the RTA servers should not be merged… just yet. Wait a couple months. There will be an influx of players back again.

I commend a lot of what AGS has been doing, minus the HP -AND- Damage output buffs on mobs in mutations. That was not smart by any stretch. It’s creating cliques in the PvE community, when there initially wasn’t. That’s going to drive more and more players away from the game. But that’s another post. The RTA servers should remain where they are, for now. Amrine-Starstone is around the corner. So is the winter fair. And the new, two-parter, expedition. For now, pool your money together on the RTA servers and upgrade your towns, like someone else suggested. To do that, you will need to do more PvE to bring in more gold.

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You make no sense and it shows you were there just for the event and bounced.

You say we would steam roll day one FSS that had every advantage over us but then say we should pool our coin to be able to afford to maintain the upgrades to town stations…lol

There more PVE than anything else going in RTA server since oprs dont pop etc.

is it not possible to merge the fresh start servers together?

“It was not delayed due to technical reasons.”

Don’t they have empathy with all the people who are asking NOT TO PLAY LEGACY here? LOL

PLease go through with the Titan to YGG merge! I want to transfer off that region. I just started playing there to support my favorite streamers but now there’s no way I’m staying to play with 200ping. I was really excited when I read the good news yesterday so why go back on your word now?

I agree and a well written post.

Many of us non-RTA players jumped in yesterday complaining about the decision to merge RTA into Legacy and it sounds as if all our voices were heard as they have delayed the decision.

Although AGS announced in Oct no transfers would be available (for anyone), we knew at a later date they would be and I do not think any of us expected them to backtrack on their word and merge RTA and Legacy as they clearly stated that this would “never” happen. Most of us assumed that when transfers became available, RTA would merge into another FSS. Hopefully they will revert the decision on Legacy and move forward with transferring RTA to FSS on the same Dec 6th timeline.

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I make perfect sense, since I’ve been playing this game a long while now, and have seen behaviors and metrics of the game when patches are released and so forth, Brimstone sands being the most recent release. And I was never secretive about my intentions during the RTA event to my guild and friends.

I know what was going on in the RTA servers, especially mine. People hoarding gold while there were 500+ players active during the event, speed leveling, getting the best gear as quickly as possible, and also company members creating characters in multiple FS Servers to keep track of where each server is, and staying ahead. That was pretty vile and unfair to the people that really wanted a fresh start. It’s bad enough the super companies (and shells) are doing the same thing and some used the RTA servers to speed through content in prep for mergers to FS servers.

I stand firm with AGS’s decision to merge RTA servers into Legacy servers. The Legacy servers are trashed already. Too much lingering crap from past exploits and dupes, unless Legacy servers get a full reset, the Legacy servers should serve as a memory of how the game was, and Fresh Start, where the game shall be.

And just as there are you guys posting here saying do not merge RTA servers to Legacy, there are probably the same (or more) amount saying to do just this very thing.