dont merge RTA into fresh servers, they have a unfair advantage. RTA into legacy is the only right way.

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I was doing a mutated when thie merge got announced, we couldnt even focus on the game anymore. We had more muts planned after that one but : What was the point?

It’s beyond me how they didnt see such a natural reaction from their playerbase coming. This is "dont you guys have phones? " levels of obliviousness.

Show some empathy AGS. Please explain what happenned and give us hope that you will understand your playerbase in the future.

This, this is still cold as ice.

I don’t think there’s as huge a difference between fresh start and legacy as people are making out. There will always be players who put in more hours playing and researching the game, and as time passes, the gap between them and casual gamers grows.

That said, AGS decided to profit from the FSS hype and promised people that RTA servers were considered Fresh Start. To backflip like this and not credit the positive publicity that the RTA communities gave the game is just wrong. The reasons given really don’t add up and I suspect it’s more to do with FSS not really needing population influx while Legacy do.

AGS learned one thing from release, which was that streamers cause massive chaos and fluctuation in server populations, so it seemed smart to isolate this disruption on event servers. Next time, they should learn again and make the event server limited time upfront, so everyone knows what they are in for.

But I would argue that this is less of a difference between RTA servers and other FSS than there is RTA and Legacy so why even backtrack on their promise and consider merging RTA with Legacy rather than FSS?

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100% agree. Although I started on Death less than a week before it went public, I still feel betrayed by the promise they would never merge a FS server with a legacy one. I also just hit 60 about 3-4 days ago and started questing in Brimestone yesterday, I’m still not to the point of where my character is on the server it is merging to. I’m hoping they change their mind.

I feel so betrayed and that I wasted the last 2 weeks of spending all my free time on the Death FS server.

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we are collecting gold from each player of the clan to pay upkeep from capitals in overlord because they dont pay themselves. but, of course, we are closer to legacy servers economy, where capitals profit 2M week


You forgot to add /s so now people will be confused and not get the sarcasm in your post! :joy:

What kind of “unfair advantage” you’re talking about, could you please clarify?

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There isn’t one except in his head.

Fact is the advantage is fully on the FSS that were open to the public on day one not RTA FSS.

Logged in to Death today and for the first time since about mid way in the RTA event when I got in, closer to the end of the event really, I could not find the motivation to work on my tradeskills so logged out after about 10 mins standing in town totally bummed out.

Thanks AGS for totally killing the motivation to play this game until I know WTF is going to happen and I can yet again decide what character I will continue playing or if I just leave permanently this time.


And now people can continue to not play on RTA and FSS and the population on those can continue to drop.

…OR they can merge rta into other FSS like they should have from the start.

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And still not have anyone playing on them.

That’s blatently false as there are people playing on Death right now. It would rather lead to an increase in population.

Instead of like 150 or so people in the early morning to like 500/600 later in the afternoon we might see a peak of 1000 to 1200 or so depending on the population of the other FSS merged into. By all accounts Death is the lowest pop fss server right now…

Not sure why you are being so hyperbolic tbh.

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You’re making my argument for me that no one is playing FSS. People are yelling for mergers because there is not a FSS population anymore.

FSS was supposed to kill legacy because they were FRESH and PURE!! Well, that did not happen and now people are freaking out because their expectations have been crushed.

I never made that argument so not sure where you are getting that from. Also for the record I always said FSS wouldn’t be that popular and not that different in the long run to legacy servers.

I agree with you on that.

Servers and populatons will come and go. AGS will incorrectly try to please everyone.

You, me, everybody just has to find the best place for themselves in the best way they can for themselves and not rely on AGS to help them out.

Sure however lots and lots of people on Death are originally from… you guessed it Maramma!

It’s difficult to find, " find the best place for themselves in the best way they can for themselves and not rely on AGS to help them out" if AGS unilaterally comes behind them 1 month or so later and undoes their action and decision for them with no recourse.

Death wasn’t in a bad spot before the announcement, but it’s worse off today because of it – IMHO. So many people just lost faith in what the developers were doing, and the general community has such a misperception of what the server is like and the economy.

It was such a short-sighted decision by the devs – and to top it off, dropping it on a Friday night at the end of the business day is pretty thoughtless.

Bottom line, if they merge us with one of or group of FSS, we’ll all be fine. If they merge us with a Legacy server, they will lose a number of folks who trusted them and came back or re-rolled to Death because of the RTA event.

Either way, I think they may have burned a number of bridges with the community.

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That is life. People cant predict the future and make moves that turn out to be bad in the long run. Its not AGS’s responsibility to fix that for everyone. That is what keeps getting them in trouble.

A LOT of people deleted characters to use the name again on the RTA/FS servers. Moving those players back to the Legacy servers is a huge slap in the face, especially given that they were promised that no such thing would happen. I’m certain had they known that RTA was going to be merged with Legacy, they’d either not have participated, or they’d have just picked a throw away name, and NOT have deleted their existing character for the event, and ending up at a huge disadvantage in the process.

The only real ‘negative’ I can see to merging RTA with FS is that there will be a few really good companies that arrive on those servers, that are perhaps a bit more organized than the existing ones. A few territories are bound to flip in the aftermath, but that’s really what the game is all about to begin with. The only reason any of the FS companies are screaming is because they know they stand to potentially lose those territories, and the free gold that comes with them. They don’t want the status quo to change, so they’re losing their minds and screaming at AGS to prevent the merges.

They like to complain about ‘dupes’ and other nonsense, but none of that exists on the RTA servers. They’re no different than FS servers, other than having been involved in the event. No characters were able to transfer in. No one brought any gold, gear or resources with them. The RTA servers started with the exact same economy and world state as FS servers. If anything, they were at a disadvantage, because RTA was invite only, while anyone that wanted to could create a character on FS.

There really is no downside to merging RTA with FS, other than the toxicity the RTA players will have to deal with from the FS players, simply because they were chosen to participate in an event.

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