Or they do not consider them to be the same as FSS.

But they were and they did and tried to pull a fast one on RTA servers and admitted as much which is why they put that on hold so quick…cause they know they are wrong plain and simple.

But the FAQ backs me up and not you.

Q: Are Fresh Start Worlds the same as Return to Aeternum Worlds?

A: We will be releasing Fresh Start Worlds at the same time as Return to Aeternum Worlds. At the start, Return to Aeternum servers will be reserved for event participants, but once Return to Aeternum ends, they will be accessible to the public.

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But it doesn’t. Not sure what kind of english you are using but it only states the the RTA FSS will not be open to the public right away and will only open after the event ends.

They even clarify later on that they wil treat them as FSS to make it perfectly clear to everyone that initially asked for clarification.

I challenge you to show me the words in there that state they are not FSS and they will be treated like legacy servers.

they are not called that in the answer to the question.

Yes cause they want people to understand these are the official event servers and that is why you cant join them like the other FSS right away.

They are and have always been RTA FSS, it just however is a mouthful to say so everyone called them RTA servers never thinking we would be having such an obtuse, asinine discussion about terminology.

Doesn’t matter what AGS thinks. It matters what the players think.
AGS thoughts: Our game is awesome!
Players thoughts: Trash game.
Obviously unsustainable and i cant believe i have to explain that to someone smart enough to use a forum.

Just posting this here to make it easier for me to find later on.


Put it back up. And own it.

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You already admitted to being wrong in the other thread, didn’t feel the need to make you repeat it again here.

However thanks for being a person of their word.

Yes you did.

No. I posted here then went to the other thread and saw your post there. I know better than you what order I did things etc.

You just want to rub it in. That’s fine. Go ahead. Not the first time I was wrong, wont be the last.

I got to learn something new today and that was good.

Well I’m convinced. I’m not sure what of, but I’m convinced.

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I wish they would give an actual answer on what will happen to RTA servers soon. I don’t feel any motivation to keep working on my character there when there’s the potential of transfer to legacy still hanging over my head.


This is my issue right now, zero motivation as I have no idea what will happen thus which character to keep working on, my Death character or my maramma character.

AGS nicely put a pin in me playing till I know what happening so I dont feel like I am wasting my time on the wrong character.


Just becuse you didnt have a community on your other server doesnt mean we should be peanalized for working together.

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I agree, you should stay on your RTA server, keep that community tight!

But to the extent you needed to on RTA was FAR greater, not to mention weeks of being on a low pop server devoid of bots to farm at your leisure

Ridiculous excuse is ridiculous.

BTW did you hear FSS are all now duped cheating servers too.