oh yes , we needed to farm and inject people with 1000’s of resources to make them all powerfull , instead of advancing ourselves like you could do on a true FSS server , most of my time played during the event was to another players advantage.

btw none of those even play anymore , my company has 90 members and only about 12 active ones , the ones that were pumped up with resources haven’t been on in 2-3 weeks.

i have a character on amarah as well , so i have a pretty good view on the differences between the 2 servers and i can say for sure that amarah is more advanced then any of the RTA servers are when it comes to economy, market and players advancement.

i personally think you are just salty about not being able to join the RTA because you had to wait and fill out a form to get a key instead of instantly being handed a key , because if you did you would have been on the RTA server , and then you would know how things are on the server , but instead you keep spouting the same “economy” narrative which isn’t even a valid one.

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