Rug looks like a hill with everything they try to sweep under it!

Please just be honest and transparent.
Don’t shutdown threads to save face. If you’re going to shut down a thread, do it because the issue has been resolved and don’t try to Strawman the issue i.e:

The following thread is in regards to the duped items still being in the game, Yet you act as if the situation is resolved as the dup can no longer be done, which is CLEARLY NOT the issue and you choose to close the thread anyway and pretend it is resolved.

Then you say “We hope this clears things up a bit!”, which is straight up Gaslighting the OP in the original thread.
And yes @TrevzorFTW did mention the following in the thread…

Which would inspire confidence but then the following day they ended that thread with:

Not one mention of the duped items & coin circulating around in the economy still.

Then when other players try to have a dialog with yous in regards to this you shut their threads down too!

Those PLAYERS who are telling you there is a problem, are NOT the problem!
Closing their threads, suspending them and banning them from the forums will only drive them to post elsewhere (i.e. Steam, slack, discord, reddit, etc.) where you lose your chance to guide the narrative and work toward improving the game.
Most gamers when they get treated like this become very defiant, even to the point of being destructive, even when its not in their best interests to do so.

Nonetheless this thread is more then likely going to be closed too, but i really hope i am wrong and instead it actually opens up a dialog where plays can voice their concerns and devs can voice theirs too.
I know not everyone will be happy with every decision the developers make, but it helps a lot when people can see the reasoning behind the choices.

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Sir you need to calm down.

The final verdict on the lastest release is…awww… good

Hope this clear things up a bit!

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Its very simple, they don’t keep their word to ban cheaters, because they don’t want to lose more than half of the few players who are still playing, because they are cheaters/exploiters.


Also 1 could imagine they feel embarrassed for the 6th duped in a row and probably they are self conscious of how amateurish mistake it was to even patch live to begin with. So yeah… if they feel utterly embarrassed about doing this they might give a free unofficial pass to everyone.

If u take in consideration there’s less than 20k from the original 900k players, it would be kind bad for a management standpoint to accelerate even more the player base downhill process since this is not the 1st or the last dupe we will see this year. Are you going to ban people everytime you make a dev mistake? The player base would be down to 1 World Server per region if that was the process.

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i could see that, not that you have to ban them. just remove the items. Worst case would be to roll back the servers.

Agree 100% for the first strike, second strike permaban. But the thing here its that AGS promissed something that never happened.

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Since they make x10 more mistakes than any other dev team, banning is almost nonsensical, but probably still deserved. Not removing duped items, not fixing server side desync/lagg is a fantastic way to force us to finally quit. I’m adicted to this game, i’ll admit, but i have been so beaten down by the sidelines mistakes that i can’t take it anymore, and this is the month i’m officially done with all of this.

To play this game was like journeying into 

a bad heroin addiction

while being beaten by a stick by their quality control department. I love the addiction but i’m crawling on the floor right now in pain Stop beating me please.


The month that they tried to fix all the bugs.
Personally I can’t see why they don’t hire someone to fix their code and if they have someone why is it not being done.

You’re yet another player I’ve watched enter, engage, and now exit the community because everything is so constantly mishandled.

It’s sad. I’ve seen this about four or five times now. Even proponents have just benched this game. And on the crest of hope Mar notes had I rejoined, then it turned out it was dupe city and they were misfiring bans-- still don’t know why they cut corners on CS of all teams-- and now they had to shut down the economy again.

My friends ask, “what did New World do this time?” and I say “they bricked the economy into a shutdown by patching in a duplication bug again,” and they laugh.

How the fuck did a company as rich as Amazon produce such a mess?

And when will the clown in charge of the mess admit they fucked up?


The biggest problem is the person in charge is viewed as successful in New World i think…go figure.

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yay anxiety post!!!

Well it starts with the guy in charge of AGS has zero game experience. The guy in charge of New World has no MMO experience and his last claim to fame was general manager of WWE All Stars.

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there is one guy from Daybreak Games in there.
Daybreak as far as i know, never had one hit. They just bought up SOE (sony online entertainment) and slowly shut all their online titles down… RIP LandMark.

witches use dancing brooms to sweep things under

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