Rugged leather adventurer's satchel

Ok i have a bag that is Azoth attuned and says when I gain Azoth I should get 3.8% more. Yet so far I have not seen this happen. Anyone have any ideas why?
rugged bag azoth

Same. I never get odd numbers of azoth from mobs like 12 instead of 10 or whatever. Always 10 thus far.

Anyone have 10% of this perk?

I guess thats why cuz 4% of 10 is 0,4 so you will still have 10 xd You cant get 10,4 azoth xd


It just seems silly to have a perk that only works on… what lvl 55 portal closures?

You need more of these bags;) It is garbage at lower levels, but at higher levels you get more azoth from mobs and portals and it is neat.

I think, I am getting bonus on portals from territory as well, so not sure what comes from bag.

I wonder if it works with the vial of suspended azoth, you get 50 azoth by default I think, so it might work… but it may not count for the perk.

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This makes sense

Nope already tried that

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