Runeglass DoT Gems Only Get Duration Increase from Bow's Battle Precision

The Bow passive “Battle Precision” is the only DoT duration modifier that increases the length of the Runeglass Gem Dots, producing 4 ticks of damage instead of the three ticks that every other weapon produces. This is true despite DoT duration modifiers like the 250 Intelligence Threshold DoT Duration Bonus, the “Kindle” passive on Fire Staff, the “Burning” ring perk, and the “Poisoning” ring perk.

Even with ~80% Burn Duration increase between the “Kindle” passive, the “Burning” perk, and the 250 Int Bonus, a Fire Staff user will not observe even a single tick increase when using the Ignited Runeglass Gems in their weapon. Not entirely certain if the DoT should bump up to 5 seconds, but certainly some consideration should be taken to address this inconsistency if it is not already being tackled. Nonetheless, thank you for your attention, this really will make DoT builds work a lot better and more consistently. :smiley:

@Aenwyn :disguised_face:

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Definitely would like to see this interaction get fixed sooner rather than later. DoT Duration Modifiers ought to be allowed to work on Runeglass DoT gems. Please and thank you.

Help with this, please.

Really do not want this one to slip by.

Just tested it, and it only ticks 3 times for me. Diamond with arcane dot. Blank skill tree only to get battle precision.

DIAMOND??? wtf is that gem choice

Since I’m not a bow user I added cut pristine diamond with arcane dot for my invasion bow.

yeah, for the ring and the fire staff passive it’s very easy why it doesn’t work.

the runeglass gems missing the tags for their dot type. they only have the tags Debuff and Dot (Burning, Poisoning etc is missing)
so i assume ring and fs passive check for the burn tag, which isn’t there, it only is Debuff and Dot.

so i haven’t tested this myself, but i assume when a fire staff player complaining about runeglass dot not increasing in duration

then he takes bow while still over 250 int, with the passive of 20% debuff duration, i think together with the 30% of 250 int, which in theory should work since it’s checking for the “dot” tag and the bow passive is checking for the debuff tag, which the runeglass dot effects both have, you’d get enough increase to get an additional tick.

i don’t think only the 20% from bow passive would allow for an additional dot tick
so the 250 int bonus doesn’t on his own.