Runeglass gems are to expensive

To expensive to craft and way to expensive at the market place.
Players have to change the gems for different types of content and to counter different builds in PvP way to often. Reduce the amount of crafting materials needed.
No need to explain more.

No one force you to use Runeglass.
You can do some chest run in Brimstone to esealy get those rune and ectoplasm item witch are kinda expensive sometime.
But you can also loot some golden scarab, sell them and then buy ur item to craft you runeglass.


What even is that explanation? Stopped reading after this sentence because couldnt take it serious. Not sure if you are playing the game at all.

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if you want to play high class pvp
you need to spend money for it
and those mats expesive because they are pain to farm…
thats logic thats how things work
thats how world works
grow up


Yes you recognized the problem.
We need to much money for gems and the mats are way to hard to farm but we need a lot of gems.
Only one that would not agree is someone who is farming the materials to make a big amount of gold and maybe even sell it for real money.

you are a funny dude.

Telling me looting some golden scarab is easy is funny.
I had a week where i got 0 scarabs and even selling them is not worth it the work anymore.
Scarabs go for under 2.5k nowadays but farming them for hours is far from being worth it.
Nobody cares about scarabs anymore because crafting is broken and people just burn their gold by trying to craft legendaries.

If u want, lets give u all the equipment for free so u can hang out:) Economy is also a part of this game sir.

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they don’t have to

prices are set by players, they could list it for 1 gold or 400k gold - their choice
in conclusion: it’s not expensive, it’s reasonable

prices would be much lower if it wouldnt be crazy hard to obtain the materials and thats clearly on devs part.

Anyone who seriously trys to compete in PvP has to play with the new runeglass gems to keep up with others. No difference if its Arenas, Wars or OPR.

Get used to this stuff. There are nothing but trolls here, that want the game to die. Any suggestion, or critique will be met with hate, and troll like behavior.


For PvP: If you’re gem-swapping for resists in your gear that often why are you not just using T5s? If you’re swapping to get the additional damage boosts + resists then you’re paying for the DPS boost, not because you need the resists (because you would get the same ward from the base T5 gem).

Fpr PvE (which I know you didn’t bring up): If you’re gem-swapping for mutateds on a constant basis and you’re not rich enough that the cost of runeglasses is essentially meaningless there’s no good reason why you wouldn’t just be using T5 gems for those resists,

I guess if you’re trying to set speed records in M10s they would add value - but for ‘normal’ mutated running they’re just not necessary.

You and the rest of us have a pretty clear choice here, min/maxing has never been cheap and it’s not cheap here. If “really good” isn’t good enough and it’s ‘max or nothing’ then be prepared to pay for it.

runeglass should be linked to the piece itself and not to the gem.

It would allow us to change our gem as we are doing today

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