Runes of holding too expensive?

I have now come to the point where I as crafter don’t see how we are supposed to afford multiple runes of holding while the change of getting bad perks with the RNG is very big. I keep getting plentyfull shells or arrows perks. To craft that perfect bag (which is an endgame goal of mine), I am spending more gold than I ever can efford. I would like to see a reduce in gold costs of the runes to make it more affordable for the crafters. The ‘bad’ bags sell on the market for a price that barely covers the rune cost.

The plentifull shells and arrows perk seems also too frequent in comparison with the other perks. I have yet to craft a bag without one of these two perks.

My suggestion: reduce the price for the runes, for example: 100 for minor, 250 for major, 500 for greater and 750/1000 for the grand runes. And I think the perk change of those ammunition perks needs to be checked.

Another option would be to introduce some non-market related earnings: wars, invasions and outpost rush are good already, but the changes of getting into the first two are very slim on a well populated server.

Nah, it’s fine as it is. If you want the perfect bag then pay the price.

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You know you can sell all bags you dont use?

as I mention in the post, the price of the bags does not cover the cost of the resources used.

The only actual price is the faction currency and gold for the rune.
All other ressources dont have a fixed price else than “time”.
If your server undercuts that, then there is a serious problem.

Good recap of a system working as intended. Good luck on your next bag :wink:

sigh, guess i’m the only one getting freaking frustrated then lol. How do you even make money when prices are extreme low?

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