Runic Thread cannot drop

Hooooooooooooooooooooow dumb ------- holy crap… this game was not released yesterday that some items are still not in the game


I’ve already made a big post about this, but good that this is getting out there >.> Why this has gone under the radar and not on the top priority of fixes I don’t know.

5 patches, nearly 6 with a major one… and they have time to implement new weapons and content but not address the fact NOBODY CAN GET LIGHT VOIDBENT ARMOUR? And you just BUFFED light armour too!?

Please fix this amazon games! Full heavy meta killing game. :S Up


In their latest Dev Blog Update, they’ve acknowledged Runic Thread will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Is this cover on the next patch? Dont think so

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doesnt look like if you take a look on the patch notes for todays november Update 1.1

hello, where’d you get runic thread?

Hi @Zezay , where you find it ?

11 days later, Beeswax is in, and it cannot be searched for :wink: You have to stumble across it

Its in game now, but it more rare then Void Ore.

I had enough with this game


UP ! something really not ok here; I have been farming this material for quite a while and got several types of legendary maths but haven’t seen 1 runic thread.

i need 1 more thread and then ill have a full set light armor voidbent…

I am on 1 of the lowest populated servers with max 140players on peak…

So… your looking wrong.

Where are you farming for those that you got so many drops?

cemetary ebon… they didnt drop anymore after last patch

Exactly there I have been farming but only after last patch; seems they changed something. Thank you for confirming, I need to find another spot.

i been all over the place… farmed myrk, eternal pool… didnt drop anywhere anymore since last patch…

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