Sabers and Bayonets

I would love to the see the addition of the curved sword archetype added to the game and bayonets for muskets!

  • curved swords or sabers with a primary stat is dex and a partial scaling in strength would be awesome! just as the rapier is primarily used for quick thrusting moves, the curved sword should focus on super quick slashing strikes. Curved swords should also be given parry and riposte abilities.

  • Bayonets on muskets were very iconic during that time period so why not add them to the game? perhaps a small column of abilities specifically for bayonets could be tacked onto the musket skill trees. Bayonet charge/strike abilities paired with the other shooting skills would allow players to use the musket for more situations.

  • In addition to bayonets, I would also love to see us players be able to strike combatants with the butt of the rifle. Aka “a stun ability” but for musket players. Although not necessary, it would be interesting to look into.

Sabers could be a variant for Rapiers aesthetically.

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Not really. Sabers are lighter shorter slashing weapons while rapiers are longer heavier stabbing weapons.

There’s nothing really in common between the two aside from both being swords.

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true! although I think what Athamos was pointing out was that typically when it comes to the sport of fencing Rapiers, Sabers, and Epee’s are all lumped together as a group. However I think we are all aware of the differences between the blades. I would agree that if sabers were added they should be treated differently.

i know sabers are not the same as a rapier, what i meant is easier to make sabers acessible through new skin for rapier weapons than make a whole new class only for sabers.
I think amazon will never make this class thats why i ask at least a a skin

But all the animations are wrong. You’d be better off using the sword and shield because at least some of those are slashing attacks.

It would be like giving a crossbow the bow animations

I’ll just drop that here…

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Throws money at screen

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