Sadly I have to join the "the game will die" crew. ;(

I really like the game and I already spended an unhealty amount of time playing it but it’s time to realize that the game has a major design flaw that will kill the game within the next few weeks. There is no real item sink. Once you reached level 60 and you have your 3 bags you will never need new bags again, once you have your oricalcum tools you will never need new tools, once you have your endgame gear you will never need new gear again not even new jewels, once you have your houses decorated you don’t need new trophies or furniture ever again and the list goes on and on and on. Right now the first items became already completely worthless, for example things like flux or salt are 0,01 g already and even obsidian salt is down to 0,1 gold. And because of the limited population the demand will only decrease more and more. The only items that have a real item sink are amunition, food and potions. It’s a real grind to get the professions to 200 and the question is what will you do with those professions once you have everything you need and no one else is going to buy things from you anymore? You can of course still play the market a little but even that is getting harder until it reaches the point where most players will not be able to even pay their housing taxes because once you finished all the quests how are you supposed to get gold when the market is dead? I was one of the first that was able to provide starmetal tools on my server and I earned quite a lot of gold but if a new player joins the game today he will be broke forever. This system is not going to work much longer! Because I don’t see any solution for this design flaw I sadly have to join the “the game will die” crew. Allowing more than one character on a server could help to delay the problem a bit but would not fix it.
I don’t see any solution for the problem but I really hope you guys do!


It has only been what… 3 weeks? Im only level 40 and I started day 1, with queues. This MMO is a B2P MMO–it has to find its feet before it adds a bunch new stuff. While I agree full-heartedly with your post, people need to realize that, in time, things will be updated–added, and fixed. And even expansions that add quality of life improvements (probably mounts, new locations/map size, and new professions and level caps), maybe even a barber or cosmetic transmog system for all gear.

These things have all been in older veteran MMO’s–over the course of many, many years. I think people just kind of need to step back a bit and re-evaluate how an MMO grows. We haven’t had many in recent years–at least of the scale of New World. Nothing is the greatest when it launches. ESO was pretty bad at launch, but it carved out its own playerbase and it sustains itself very well.

The same will happen with New World. It may take a year or two, maybe three–before people see what they want in this game (because we all want different things) but the MMO just requires time to find its feet and roll out their updates. You aren’t paying monthly for the game either (unless you are a prime subber) so you need to expect a little less. I’m not saying dont expect anything–but right now, I feel like people demanding certain things right this instant is incredibly unfair to the devs. Things will come, we just need to be patient. Give feed back, but don’t instantly believe it will ‘die’ because such and such isn’t fixed yet.

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I’m completely with you in general but is a missing item sink something that you can fix? I mean there is nothing broken it just isn’t there!

I agree with you, and hope the game succeeds. But in all the time I’ve been playing MMO I’ve never felt I might be unable to afford repairs at some point.

The day I lack the money to repair my weapons is the day the game dies for me. Until such time as I hear changes have been made to the economy.

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I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 in a long time, but didn’t they essentially take an approach where gear doesn’t really have a ton of power creep? It also has a functioning economy despite a lack of needing constant upgrades. Maybe some GW2 players could shed some light on how it works there. That game is also B2P with no sub.

I’d also point out that even in a game like WoW, most crafting professions don’t really maintain a strong purpose outside of consumables throughout an expansion.

Town board quests are already one avenue to give crafting some additional ongoing purpose. Having to maintain towns may end up being a significant resource sink. They could also add future upgrades to towns. I’d love to see some town projects to upgrade our storage space for example.

I’m more concerned with end-game activities like Outpost Rush and other potential future BG style modes + hoping for changes to things like dungeons to make them more accessible and worth doing. It’s fairly simple to add additional things to craft compared to creating end-game content people enjoy and want to participate in.

I think we have a much bigger problem on our hands. The fake economy. Right now gold doesn’t have any value (i.e the currency isn’t backed by anything). So as new players join and people start making money from quests, wars etc (basically anything that rewards gold for time, not resources) the value of 1 coin will keep going down and down until we’ve got a modern day Great Depression. People wont have money so nobody would buy things, prices drop and now nobody can make money. Second issue is that in this market there is a pseudo infinite supply (like infinite iron respawning) of things, but not infinite demand which is also going to drive prices down consistently. The only solution to these problems I could think of is having a vendor that buys your items at a set price. This would stabilize the prices for the items that the vendor would buy making them have a set value and keep them from going below that.


An obvious solution would be to either require ressources to repair your gear or simply reduce their maximum durability everytime you repair them (like in Dark ages of Camelot) to make sure that items need replacement over time. The reason why people always need ressources in EVE online is because they keep blowing up each others’ ships.

Another solution could be to require a steady supply of ressources for the settlements to keep functioning (which is actually already in place) since crafting stations are degraded and need upgrading all the time

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I’m actually a really big fan of this idea. I like that I could farm a tonne of stuff and then just sell it to a vendor for a certain set price (obviously below it’s “worth”) just to offload it quickly rather than waiting for it NOT to sell on the market for 3 days. In addition to this idea might be that selling your items rewards certain amounts of rep to a town; this way you can choose to sell it for pure coin on the market or use it to push your rep up in an area.

Adding an item-sink later on is actually fairly easy. Finding a good one, might be a lot harder.
But, without thinking about whether its a good one or not. If we made bags have durability and made it so that you could only repair something so many times, you have added a feature which has made the game “eat” bags. And nothing stops you from adding this retroactively to all bags already in play.

So I dont think you need to worry too much about that, I’m fairly certain they can do something about it when it becomes too much of a problem and all the immediate crises/critical bugs have been resolved.

fk that with the rng random perks… if we could choose all 3 then i’d be more partial to a debate

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am here with you.
I absolutely agree that an Item decay is needed to make crafters useful within this massive pool of dumptruck loads of dropped gear, but NOT with this random crafting system

If i hit endgame and FINALLY eiter drop or craft thatone piece of gear, where i most likely invested weeks or months farming materials and wasted them on random S**t i cant use or sell and THEN have it decay within a week or 2… that would most likely drive me out of this game.

And no, the “just wear it when you need it, wear greens in the meantime” doesnt apply. This is not a wedding dress ffs. Its a piece of gear i want to wear, thats why i made it / locked after loot. in most cases i actually need the gear when im out. Thats the whole point.

The game is unfinished and game economy dramatically dying every day :frowning:

Hey, F76 launched thousand times worse than NW and if, after 1-2 years, it became an enjoyable game, have fate in this one.
And boys, chill out it’s an MMO it should be taken slowly, i think a lot of people are used to fast paced games


@LordLucian: It can certainly be fixed–or added. MMO’s constantly redo their design philosophy for the betterment of the game all the time. Sometimes when you start an MMO, after a while some of those design choices, whatever they might be, end up not holding up as well as the devs might like. This is what patches are for. You might not see them immediately, but if it ends up being a pressing issue that the devs see among the community, believe me, it will be changed, added or fixed–either of those three things, at some point. But the point of my original post is, it takes time, period. Despite what some on the forum and in game might think–AGS has people on the team that play the game, and chances are, they know what is going on. But feed back helps them focus on where they want to place their priorities.

Something that is more pressing, might take a bit of time but also pushed up on the list–but requires time to do. So–over all, I urge patience and some understanding. :slight_smile:

If things are not going well for you right now, stop for a few months and come back. This game has no sub fee, so just give it time.

@Walsingham: I do feel you there. Though over all, I think gold is pretty easy to get. It just depends on what you spend on–and if you find a market. Things might look pretty cheap, but if you do things in bulk, its not too bad. For example, logs and thick leather on my server are a pretty decent and steady form of income. Its not instant by any means, but it keeps you from going broke.

That being said, I do know the economy is a bit out of whack, but again–give things time. If its not working out for you now, chances are they will give different incentives to boost the economy in some way. Just won’t be immediate. Stop for a few months, and see where the game is.

Unfortunately in this case I don’t think giving it time would solve the issue I was referring to. In fact I believe the economy is going to get worse over time just based on what happened during the Great Depression (hence why I made the parallel). And since the in-game economy is essentially a simulation of the real world economy, real world rules apply. If demand < supply naturally the prices drop and as more people level up / start playing the supply is going to increase faster than the demand. A good example is tools. When I bought my starmetal tools they used to go for around 1.5k, now they’re like 200 and going down. As people keep farming things they don’t need, they naturally want to sell it driving the price down. For every 10 people selling lumber, there is 1 person buying it (obv not the real numbers).

The underlying problem is real: too many resources and also too many finished goods, and also too many dropped items and consumables all serve to drive market prices down.

This is artificial, because in a “real economy” things break – so the “laissez faire” gurus who generally pop into threads like this to say something like “the market is what the price is, I don’t see the problem here” are overlooking the fact that in a real economy, things do need to be replaced eventually – everything breaks, needs to be repaired using things that are made and purchased or needs to be outright replaced by something that is made and purchased.

An economy which is purely “one way” (that is, things do not wear out and need to be replaced) is not a real economy, and without some change it doesn’t function as an economy. The designer needs either to make it more like a real economy by having things break (which is very unpopular in PvE MMOs, as you can see from some of the responses in this thread – noone in the PvE community is going to keep playing this game if it is changed so that their top level gear breaks) or to recognize that it isn’t a real economy and put in price floors by means of vendor purchases.

Eventually you have to do something, because as it is, the economy doesn’t function properly in either way. That doesn’t mean a few clever players can’t find ways to eke out a living in it – that isn’t a functioning economy, though, because it isn’t scalable to most players in terms of providing most players with some steady, reliable source of ongoing income as a leveled character.

The point about being patient in light of the game not having a subscription is a fine point to make – the game is cheap, after all, from the player point of view. The problem, though, is that once you lose players it can be hard to get them back. ESO did that, it’s true, but ESO also has a built-in fanbase of Elder Scrolls fans which New World does not. New World could do a Zenimax and totally turn around New World like what happened with ESO, and of course anyone who does take a break should keep an eye on the game to see what, if anything, AGS comes up with for this economy, but the historical track record of MMOs coming back from fundamental flaws in the release design is poor. Two have done so successfully: ESO and FFXIFV, and both have massive IP fanbases behind them (which fandom will tend to increase one’s patience) long before those games were released.

For this particular problem, they will need to do something about it. What that is, no idea. But seeing as it is a concern from many players, I don’t doubt that it will be addressed sooner than not.

When I mention ‘time’, I don’t really mean let things go and let it spiral. The devs will do something about it, it will just take ‘developing time’ to figure out how to adjust the design philosophy on the economy.

These things unfortunately couldn’t be tested in beta or any other alpha, because to see an economy, you need to see how things play out over several months.

It may seem like they cant do anything–but if push comes to shove, they will. It may not seem as if they care or arent doing anything about it, but again–theres a lot of stuff developers are doing on a daily basis–they don’t sit at work and twiddle their thumbs.

If a player cannot, for whatever reason, sit through the growing pains of an MMO (its literally 3-4 weeks old), they should wait a bit until things get better sorted out.

Well written friend.That makes an awful lot of sense…Whole heartily agree that boredom will come along very fast.
The repetition of same/same quests and grinding of gathering and crafting just to level your character tends to rot your brain fast. This is not the way Mmorpg’s were intended to be.
Thank you for this post friend. Whatever the devs decide cannot change the massive flaws. Its so sad.

An obvious solution would be to either require ressources to repair your gear or simply reduce their maximum durability everytime you repair them (like in Dark ages of Camelot) to make sure that items need replacement over time. The reason why people always need ressources in EVE online is because they keep blowing up each others’ ships.

This is a really neat idea honestly! That could work well for gathering tools - you don’t lose your mining pick, but it slowly reduces the maximul durability, which means you either have to buy/craft a new one, or you have to pay extra gold for more frequent repairs

There is also the issue of there being a finite amount of gold in essence, this can already be seen on the most popular servers where large numbers of players already have hit level 60 and the servers are locked at the 2k player cap not allowing new players in. The gold being generated per day is less then the gold being removed from the game per day between repair, AH listing fees (not taxes), respecs, and what companies spend to maintain towns and declare wars.

As less and less gold is available on servers the market tanks even more because no one can afford to buy anything so people just try to list it at lower and lower prices until the things are sitting at 0.01 coins each and still not selling.

Not even taking into the account that as that gold disappears less people can pay the taxes on their houses and taxes on crafting or trading meaning Companies will begin to lack the funds to keep the towns upgraded.