Safety from Succubus! (Syndicate)

Hello, the name’s CrossEffex! I currently am the company representative for the 3rd largest Company/Guild in US-WEST Midian! We’re currently at 55 members and are on track to be one of the first territory owners in the server! We have formed very strong alliances, to include Story Time, the 1st largest guild with 95+ members! We are always looking for new settlers to join our ranks, and have an active discord community that I will give the info to in a PM. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below, or PM me personally! Thanks!

Happy Grinding,
CrossEffex (Nuuts)
Safety from Succubus
Company Representative


I could use an invite.
TomShanx be the name

Zarnafen looking to join. Healer/crafter very active

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