Salt is gone only rice?

I just got rice for a week now every provision container where i got salt before now only gives rice and auction house is empty on salt.


I spent 6hrs yesterday looking for salt to make Cheesy Broccoli Soup… I did not find any and figured I was just having bad luck.

The last remaining salt on our marketplace is 25g+ each. You could be onto something as I have plenty of rice now too.

Where were you farming? I was hitting the Everfall and Brightwood Provisions stockpiles.

I was over whole map atlest 5-6 containers i wisited where salt dropped from before i think it got alot more rare on lot table or something since only one auction house have wery few for 50g +

not sure, but a guess is that because it’s tier I, you only get it at lower levels. You start finding Tier II ++ when either your cooking or character level rises…

Stick to Everfall and Brightwood, it doesn’t actually spawn anywhere else apparently, but like I said I farmed there and got nothing yesterday.

@Nesh You can go back to lower level areas and get lower level mats. Salt is no different. Otherwise I wouldn’t be having to go to tougher areas for higher level mats.

Salt is broken i got it drop 2 times since i was here last time still only get rice or sugar

Yeah, I’ve found FOUR salt total since this thread.

I’ve uninstalled the game until AGS stop being clowns.

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