Salvage all anybody?

You know emails? and you have that ability to tick boxes of all the emails you want to delete in one go…

Enough said!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then move along, this is crafting talk!)

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No thx. That’s just 100% bound to lead to very costly mistakes.
Same as that “take all” button in storage. It never does any good, only bad.

Single click salvaging is really fast enough. I’ve made and salvaged 1000’s of cots in a single crafting session and that didn’t even take long. And that’s afaik the cheapest and most spammable craft there is.

I hate take all option!

Occurs mostly, when I do not want to…

WTF!?! I’m just talking about a tick box option so you can salvage multiple items at the same time while crafting. When you make 50 wooden swords and you have to salvage them all one at a time, it’s dull.

Optional is key! Why would you be against an option?

Because it’s a pretty pointless option. And just seeing how take all on storage is implemented im afraid this one might come without a confirmation too…
Not to mention its asking for additional work on the dev’s part that we really don’t need.

I would like salvage all to be available when crafting. If I make 200 low level axes I dont want to go through the salvage of each one individually.

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What’s wrong with the take all options? You can also take all on each and every sub category. It works perfectly and it’s not pointless, it saves you going through each and every item when you just want all your Acana matts.

What’s wrong with take all? I guess you never did it accidentally…
It’s just so fun when you press 1 button (that’s literally used for everything btw) and your entire storage is suddenly in your inventory. I can’t think of a single reason why I would EVER want to take my entire storage.

Salvage all grey
Salvage all green

and then with categories armor, sword, fish but no higher than green as that could lead to quite a lot of mistakes

You realise everything is in sub categories which you can also move all at one go right? I use this function all the time and I have used the take all a few times. Even if you do take all by accident it’s still easy to put everything back using this.

But I dont want to move everything back… I don’t run around with empty inventory. If I grab everything from storage then I have to separate everything again. And that’s a very tedious process when the storage has 400+ items…
You can’t be seriously saying that take all button is anything but a total nonsense. I guess my biggest gripe with it is that it’s bound to use key and can’t be unbound (right click fishing release at least could be unbound…).

I suspect because even when something is optional, and even if a warning and confirmation pops up, people end up using it when thwey didn’t mean to and getting upset about the consequences. And we get tired of people coming along with “I done fed up. Why U let me f up?” posts.

What are you guys doing wrong that the take all option is an issue? Never once had a problem with that…

A salvage all option would be great. We can already lock the stuff we don’t want to salvage. If people opt to not use that feature and simultaneously elect to use a salvage all feature and wind up salvaging stuff they don’t mean to… I mean… yeah, that’d suck, but it’s kind of on them.

It’d be cool to get a salvage all feature. Can’t imagine why anyone would be against that just because someone might make a mistake. That’s like saying don’t cook food because you might start a fire. We still all cook food.

I managed to salvage 22K of gear even when the items where locked. It popped up the message that that normally says it cant be salvaged but it took it away. To add context i was mass crafting and just spammed auto salvage.

Now I no longer have equipment in my bags before doing something like that. But it would still be nice if we could mass salvage by tier or rarity.

You don’t, I do! It’s optional! It’s good for us both, you can move everything one by one, I can grab everything.

Key binding is a separate issue. I have my gripes with that.

It’s a QoL thing, definitely not high on the priority list, but it should be added nonetheless.

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I’m specifically talking about the in crafting options when you make multiple items such as weapons, you can’t even see your bag. I’m not talking about the right click, S tab function in your inventory.

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I need that in my life ty

The take all is super annoying. As you stated you can always move entire categories. They could unbind take all and make it a button you have to click in the storage to activate so there is no accidents. I would be fine with a salvage all as long as it’s not a keybind and it’s disabled by default so you have to enable it and when you enable it you have to accept an agreement you have to read before using it.

Give me undo button, because the last time I was mass crafting I salvaged fifty shoes and forgot to change secondary ingredients to low tier ones and burned through some epic ones instead… and when I was making orich tools the other day, I forgot to raise the azoth after I played with perks…