Salvage Popups Need To Go

Hello, I’m back once again pleading with the developers to please get rid of the popup that happens when you salvage literally anything.

It’s not needed, clutters the UI even more than it already is, and blocks text of other items in your inventory making the salvaging process even longer and more of a headache.

Not sure why the devs think we need to see “SALVAGED +3 GOLD” for literally every single piece of gear, but it is ridiculous.

My friend, who joined the game for fresh start after trying to convince him for months to play, has almost quit on more than one occasion after having to deal with the terrible UI and things like having a million popups happen while trying to salvage.

Please fix the storages while youre at it. Let us organize things easier, give us more filters to sort by (bound vs unbound items), do literally anything that other successful MMOs have done. New World is an amazing game, but could be even better if there wasn’t so much UI clutter.



Hold Ctrl+C then click the items to fast salvage without a promp. It will let you salvage everything short of gold gear without the warning every time.

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not what im talking about.

Yes. Please.

Not sure what Amateur UX designer they hired for their UI, but this guy must have nerves of steel when he thinks enduring 50 popups that overlay everything else and play a sound each time is completely fine.


Better yet an auto salvage filter for all gray, green , blue items and any items under 590 gear score. Would save us countless hours over time salvaging the junk.


They are talking about the stupid flashy crap they added when you salvage not what youre thinking. Fast salvage still has this crap popup that blocks the center of the screen and we as users have to work around its annoyance.

It is one of the worst additions to new world since launch, completely unnecessary and overly done for who knows what reason. This is one of the few things that has pissed me off and continues to everyday.


I need an auto salvage feature so all green, blue, purples auto salvage as soon as I loot them, unless I filtered them out such as armorer/arcanist sets.

Doing a chest run and having to spend 15 minutes salvaging every single item manually checking if its useful first is just pain in my butt hole.

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It gets worse as you play the game more. You no longer get greens and blues, but only purples + legendaries. Which sounds nice, but in reality its more of a chore to sort through because you have popups blocking text of items you’re trying to look at so you have to wait for the “+3 GOLD” to go away every time.

They could add any sort of loot filter and it would be better than the current system. I would be totally fine with them holding off on any major updates for a month or so if they were able to give the UI an overhaul that isn’t cancerous to sort through. I spend literal hours each day wasting time trying to sort through gear and the storages. Let us create item sets, filter things better. Please anything. Just get rid of these god forsaken popups when you salvage at the very least.

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And what’s even crazier is that it wasn’t always like that. AGS put resources into creating that, playtested their game and said, “yeah this is fine.” Then gave the salvage popups the green light to go on live servers. I have never heard anybody compliment the changes. It only creates frustration among the group of people I play with.

Definitely that is one of the most annoying thing in game. Should be removed…

i fully support this, as a M10 degen runner, its so annoying to get the spamm after you salvage your inventory


+1 to no more pop ups, and maybe make it 5 gold instead of 3 :disguised_face:

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All they need to do is make it non-persistent and then it wouldn’t be annoying. As soon as you hover something, that pops up over the top.

Auto-salvage filter would be great though.

No. This allows AGS the ability to deny giving items back to players when they salvage them and don’t get what they want

?? wat

It seems they removed the pop ups as per 5 Head Survival Gaming youtube channel

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AGS can’t do even the little things properly. Why trust them with big things? They are brainless children who get paid for creating stupid game.


Whomever made this decision to remove the flashy overdone salvaging UI…

@clocks They are ‘fixing’ it.

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Great Job for once, AGS! Even adds up the total until you stop.

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