Salvage suggestion

Can we get better rewards when salvage legendary items? As the name says it is legendary most are bind on pickup and usually does not fit our builds. So if we can not trade, can we have better rewards for such rare and unusable items?? idk maybe umbral? or a random craft material?


Hope so! why i have been stockpiling every one of them…


I’ve been randomly getting some orichalcum ingots on salvaging something. Not sure what because I get bags full of stuff and havent noticed them until later. It must be rare because its only like 2 or 3 after full bags of salvage.

You should get a tier 5 mat for salvaing legos. Tempest dungeaon chest is a joke. Had some badass weapons with great perks. But they were 505-509 gs. How tf does that happen in a high end dungeon. Dumb


They did mention in the dev video they were going to improve salvaging and what you get out of it. Hopefully it’s soon!

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T5 Void gauntlet and ice gauntlet does I believe.

Could have been. Im going to try and start paying attention to my salvages haha.

if i’m not wrong this is already on known issues and they may fix


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