Salvaging items doesn’t return Infused anything

Name: lilskeevr
Server: El Dorado
Time: about 10/1/2022 - 10/17/2023
this is a reoccurring issue it seems

I understand there are items that say there is a chance to “perfect salvage” and receive infused scraps. I receive them on occasion at the expected normal rarity most players expect and express. What I’m confused about, is the items that say “it WILL” return Infused xxx, don’t. It’s simply lying and displaying incorrectly as they aren’t in my resources. Not going into my storage somehow either. It just WON’T when it says it WILL. I can receive them randomly by chance from “normal” items, but the ones that specifically say they will definitely give me something, do not. I’ve seen only a handful of people online expressing this problem, and it’s super concerning as I’ve potentially wasted hundreds of hours since I returned and started grinding. I only have about 22 infused armor, weapon, and engineering “scraps” the tier 4’s… when I should have way more as I’ve literally salvaged hundreds that read “it WILL”.

I even know there are items that say both, chance for a legendary. I’m just confused the tier 4 doesn’t seem to be anywhere or behaving intuitively at all??? Anyone else?

Welcome to the New World forum community. How strange :thinking: . I’ll get this over to the development team.

There was a mention in todays patch notes that the tooltips were fixed for tomorrow’s update.

You’re correct actually! Thanks for pointing this out.

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