Salvaging returns

Why do I get the same meager amount of gold no matter what the quality of the gear?

I dropped my first EPIC Necklace - Bind on Pickup, GS 370, Str And Dex - Well no use to me as Fire Staff main and if I salvage I get 26 gold lol, can’t sell it as BOP.

Surely this should be tweaked ?

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I think it’s to help keep the economy “healthier”.

In the alpha, if I remember correctly, you could break it down into actual resources and it was easier to get T4/T5 resources by salvaging loot than by actually gathering and refining. So things were changed to just gold and repair parts.

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Would it make a huge difference to give a scaling say 0,5 for green , 1 for blue, 5 for Epic ? or similar ( only half for green, same for blue - but more for epic ), or I agree break down to resources with a % chance of maybe 25/30% would make more sense.

I have kept my first Epic necklace drop in the bank for nostalgia, - don’t need the 26 gold :wink:

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