Same again with hateful chats

Name: Ye Xiu
Server: Castle of Steel

This is unfortunate that I am making this post again. I have received many hate mail in my DMs. I pay no mind to it. However, this occurrence really got under my skin because I just play the game and I don’t want to be constantly harassed every day.

I report people all the time but nothing comes of it. Now I just can’t take it. AGS prides itself on protecting the community against derogatory and racist remarks and comments. Please act accordingly using TOS. Thank you.


This is unfortunate that they would act so shamefully toward the battle god Ye Xiu!

Fight, for Glory!

Until then, use this site Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

And fill in the information with this picture!

Hey there @YeXiu!

I’m very sorry to know you faced such an awkward situation. We definitely do not tolerate these actions.

As @ArcadiaMorellis mentioned, (and thanks by the way for your contribution), you can make use of the reporting tool they just shared to report players outside the game as well, via web ticket, so the team in charge of looking at players reports can check your case and act accordingly.

You can add any relevant information to support your case.

If there’s anything else I can do to help you let me know, stay safe!

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