Same quest town project

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  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: same / double quest on town project
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  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: well, running back again
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i dont know if it’s a bug or it suppose can do that too, but when the same mission looking for chest in same location for example looking 5 object in chest but because it has 2 same mission so theoretically it suppose drop 10 object but it only has 5, both will be flagged as complete although only have 5 mission objective when you should have 10 (but will only 5 because the other 5 will not drop although there is more than 5 chest).

and when turn in it only mark finish 1 quest, the other need to repeat.


I’m maybe wrong, but I also happened to have several times the same quest from town project. I guess they are totally random, but I can’t say if they are supposed to avoid twice the same quest or not… However…

When it happened to me, I could collect twice the same item from chests, one for each quest.

this happened to my hubby, was actually two locations, but both were lockets or something. screwed him up a bit at handin as well.

yeah sometime it drop 2 on the same chest, but the problem is, it’s not count as 1 object, but count as 2 object. so say you need to find 5 object inside the chest, theoretically you need looking for 5 chest right? But because it has 2 same mission, 1 chest will give you 2, so 3 chest will ofcourse give you 6, and it’s flagged as complete (because you only need 5), and because it’s complete and need to turn in, the other chest will not drop that item again.

ergo, running back again

unknown (4)
unknown (5)

Ah, I see the problem… The only times it happened to me, I needed to get only one item each time.

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