Save Gypsum Orbs or buy casts?

Hey Guys

i am already on full 590 Expertise (exept 2 weapons i do not play). Should i craft orbs and safe them until the patch goes live so that you have them on cooldown every day or should i spend them now for the specific casts i want to upgrade as fast as possible. Do you think you can buy casts now and use them later when the patch goes live to instantly upgrade pieces to 600 or might them be a snapshot of the current GS? Dev answer appreaciated :slight_smile:

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buy XRP and Etherium way better options

was wondering about that as well.
the problem is, i am not sure if the Casts are snapshot on creation to your current GS.

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that’s my problem :smiley: and don’t know how to test it. would really appreciate if someone could test it by buying one cast e.g. now bump some expertise with dungeon or elite and then try opening the box

hard to test, indeed.
best option: have a Dev reply here and enlighten us :nerd_face:

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hope the best :blush:

not sure i want to waste 10 casts per slot, just on the chance for it to work :smiley:

naaaa definetly not if we do not know if it works. Better safe the orbs then to craft 9/10 casts a day to push up your Exp for Armor Weapon and Juwelery + Dungeons over max. 10 days. As the event got extended i guess the patch will come on 26th Jan.

is there any official statement out there from ags among this topic(s)
@Luxendra @BRGF @Shadow_Fox

@ballaual Welcome to the community. We are so glad to have you with us!

We have provided this to the team in order to gather more information concerning this dilemma you have here. At the moment, we have managed to send a report through and we are awaiting a response.

Once we receive further information, we will provide it, as we want to be as transparent as we possibly can!


Since everything i have is 590 already I started making a cast of my 2 main weapons each day. I’m also working on other pieces too but not pushing Gypsum that hard.

@Cyd We know this might be the best solution. We are awaiting clarification from the team concerning this. Please keep posted for updates!


Yes, currently I am doing the same thing. Since the PTR notes say that we will use Gypsum to go from Expertise 590 to 600 (among other ways) I have been crafting my daily Gypsum Orbs into having a set of 10 of each of my primary Castes. (10 life / 10 vg / 10 each armor / 10 jewelry if time permits)

I would be really nice to know if this is not the intended plan.

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But it shouldn’t be a gamble. It’s a game mechanic, it either should or should not work. We shouldn’t have to guess if a mechanic works or not >.>

Just cap the current Gypsum casts to 590 and make the next patch Gypsum Tier 2 Orbs for Tier 2 Casts.

This will prevent Gypsum hoarding.

Last thing you want is for people to run up their Expertise the second a patch drops. Gotta make everyone start farming from scratch to level the field.

Just because you havnt All on 590gs xD

You want dat Player who Grind Evelyn got slapped and cant Do gypsum next 2 or 3 weeks ? Dude, we want collect to.

@developer give us the gypsum who we Grind NOW BEFORE PATCH for Upgrade our gs after Patch:) this is fair because we die something earlier and more as others.

I know some people havnt much time but an mmorps shut be —> more time invest more reqard, easy way and fair, if someone cant invest much time like others, stoppen crying please, if you invest more time you need reward and this is, that we can use acutall gypsum for next Patch too :slight_smile:

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What’s the issue with people farming extra Gypsum now based on the PTR information? Everyone is able to do it and the changes you suggested would only delay the hardcore players an extra 1 - 2 days, if that.

Just let people play the game how they want to.


Think about it. How will new players catch up if there’s no power cap? No “soft reset” on power and gear score every few months or so?

The majority of people playing right now are day 1 people who stuck it out after everyone else bailed. Die hards. Like us.

If you allow non-stop power creep and orb/cast stockpiling, new players will never be able to catch up and the game will slowly die because nobody new will join the game.

Easily fixed by increasing gains for expertise at lower levels to close the gap quicker.